What on earth is going here?

The Herald on Sunday has a story about Bucklands Beach Primary School?with this strange photo:

The captions says:

Children from the Bucklands Beach Primary School cross the road under the close guidance of a teacher

Now I walk past this school nearly every other day. It is on Clovelly Road. There is only a single main entrance to the school and it has a pedestrian crossing.

This photo is staged and is actually on Waller Avenue. There is no pedestrian crossing there, and it is on a back street with only a small footpath access to the rear of the school.

Then there is the issue of the “teacher” allowing the children to cross under “close guidance”. Except she is jumping in the air and flapping her arms and has her back turned to the traffic.

It is fanciful rubbish to suggest that this is a normal?occurrence?in a quiet suburban street at the back walkway entrance to the school…there is certainly not hordes of kids wanting to cross that particular road.