When will Len start telling the truth?

It’s time for Lyin’ Len Brown to be honest with the people of Auckland about his plans to junk accountability.  Having been outed by Judge Jeff Smith for delays caused by bureaucratic manipulation, the mayor’s most senior planning official, Dr Roger Blakeley, said the council “… had not complained to the Government about delays in the court progressing planning cases sufficiently rapidly“.

Does this mean that Auckland Council now believes transparency, accountability, and upholding the rights of Aucklanders to appeal Len Brown’s draft unitary plan will not cause unreasonable delay?  If so, why would Auckland Council make the argument to Environment Minister Amy Adams for immunity from appeals?

The latest spin coming from city hall is that without the Minister’s intervention, the council faces a “… $9 million legal bill and up to 10 years of delays if the region’s new growth planning rule book draws 170 appeals“.  Since Len Brown came to office, council debt has risen to the point where borrowing now increases at a rate of $3 million per day.  The cost of democracy and accountability equates to only three days worth of borrowing under the present mayor; yet the threat of accountability is the thing that motivates him more than any other to pick a fight.

Perhaps the truth is the mayor’s unchecked arrogance has now ballooned to the point where he believes accountability no longer applies to him.

Fair enough, Len established that view years ago when using the ratepayer’s plastic to fund the Christmas ham and Volare dinners.  But why would any community or any government buy into his vision of lifelong immunity from his own ratepayers?

Then again Lyin’ Len Brown promised us that he would always tell the truth, but with limits.


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  • Jimmie

    Why oh why wasn’t the recall option included in the Auckland super city legislation?

    Auckland will go through the same cycle as the central government – Left wing admin + wreck economy followed by right wing government that screws down state spending just get it right and then followed by the lefties again…

  • Rodney

    Trouble is that Len honestly believes his own bullshit so can’t really call him a liar. A blubbering moron? -yes, but a liar? Don’t think so. He’s just too stupid to know how to lie.

  • AnonWgtn

    I am told that Tauranga has now got Len’s Volare friend as CEO (alongside Len’s Board sinecures).
    Leigh Auton is back so it is said spending ratepayers money, following the untimely death of a new CEO.
    As a good Socialist he knows how to spend other people’s money, particularly as Tauranga is one of the most indebted Councils, but why care its only Ratepayer’s money. I am told that the Mayor is already under Auton’s spell, and the Councillors are unimportant, as there is only one Employer of over 500 staff, and numerically growing rapidly.