Who Can This Be?

Yes you still have a problem



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  • Monty

    Thank would be Beau Murrah who was a nasty leftist peice of work who may now really struggle to find a job? the same Beau Murrah who then regretted his words only once he recognised the implications of what he said.
    Doesn’t Beau Murrah understand that the Net remembers his name forever?

    • Travis Poulson

      Yes I think it is that Beau Murrah, the same Beau Murrah I’m talking about. You know, the Beau Murrah guy that trolled with his real name on Facebook? Yes, that Beau Murrah.

    • Beau Murrah

      Ok, let me be clear. I utterly meant that apology. Every word. I don’t expect to be “forgotten” from the internet and I don’t have any expectation of scrubbing out history.

      I as talking with friends about the google problem of mine. The first image under my admittedly rare name is “Turtle molestor” amongst words like cocksmoker. I would prefer these things if they absolutely must stay be farther down the google pagerank.

      • Dion

        It’s not a turtle, its a tortoise.

  • Travis Poulson

    And now people from that forum will be boosting his google results. Best plan: Keep head down, shut the fuck up.

    • Euan.Rt

      If only he would listen Travis

  • The Ghost of Adzest

    He made a new username to hide all his posts about how, when, why and what position he takes it up the arse.

    • Beau Murrah

      This is actually an incredibly offensive troll right here worse than whatever I did originally. Adzest was a noted GPForums user who committed suicide several years ago stemming from chronic pain disorder (and friend of mine).

    • Travis Poulson

      That’s a bit OTT.

    • sigh

      Cameron, why don’t you go after this guy? Making fun of people that actually have committed suicide is far worse than people with depression.

      • How was I to know that…thank you for drawing my attention to it.

    • You made up a username to deliberately offend, and using the memory of a dead person. take a holiday.

    • This is not cool whoever you are. As bad as Beau’s mistake was this is as bad or possibly worse.

  • Beau Murrah

    Cameron, I have utterly stood by the apology and meant it, if you decided to read further. I was posting on GPForums with people Ive known for ages laughing some about my google problem and asking questions about my own blogs, I didn’t slag you off at all in there.

    This is sort of stalkerish. Yes, I did make a new GPForums username (obviously and directly referring to my current/old GPForums username). This is common practice on GP actually.

    This is sort of turning a little bit stalkerish. I wish you no harm and have stuck to not trolling anymore, I don’t get why you want to keep this going.

    • Judge Judy

      Mr Murrah , you did not retract your baseless insults to Mr Slater . You did not say the sorry word . Further to that , you did not give Mr Slater a chance to decide on his own whether to remove the post , you tried to corner him into doing so with an unnecessary donation , and a blathering but fake explanation of your “mental’ problems .
      So , while your clayton’s apology was read by all , it was judged to be insincere , and therefore you will continue to be pilloried .

      • Beau Murrah

        I am utterly sorry for it, Im sorry I didn’t use that particular word. The email I sent to him was supposed to be private (I actually had a disclaimer with it, but he didn’t seem to follow it). It was not judged to be insincere by everyone but maybe a few here that seem to now be taking enormous satisfaction at making some University kid cry/kicking him when he is down and seem utterly stuck to that.

        It took a difficult realisation that I tried to explain that my online behaviour like slagging people off on the internet wasn’t appropriate/I somehow thought it was “different to real life”.Thats why I said that stuff ok? Do you think someone who is in a good healthy state of mind says that kind of stuff to begin with? Some people in here need to do the same now.

        • Judge Judy

          Sit down,write an apology that states the insults that you made,state why you now understand you were wrong and how you arrived at that conclusion,show that you understand firsthand how personal insults cause damage , and say sorry . Write it in a letter and post if to Cameron . Do not ask for anything .And stop posting on the internet for a while .
          Try That.Cameron is human,too.

          • Beau Murrah

            I have absolutely already said what you have just asked me to do and he accepted it as genuine the first time. I know he is human. Anyways, I need to stop bringing attention to this/making a mountain of a molehill.

          • Leith Magon

            Have you thought about threatening to kill yourself? I’m sure the herald, john campbell and that walrus guy would love to do a story about Cameron Slater driving a young gay man to suicide.

          • fozzie

            That is very sick …. pull your bloody head in !!

          • Advocat

            FFS , man . Humble yourself . It is NOT about YOU . It is about what you DID . Follow Judge Judy’s advice . Write , by hand , a letter . And get OFF the net . NOW .

        • GregM

          Beau, I do accept your apology was genuine. Then you had to fuck it up by posting comments online again!
          My advise ? Stay off ALL blogs for a while, you will drop down search results. As for being a “turtle molester” or “cocksmoker”, who fucking cares? Sticks and stones etc..
          Harden up man.

  • kevin


  • Beau Murrah

    Seriously man… is this “NFWAB” shit healthy? Do you have a serious interest in mental health? I didn’t slag you off at all in there and this is now palpably hurting me. Someone just trolled in these comments about my sexuality and also using the name of a dead friend of mine (from GP) who actually committed suicide a few years ago. This shit fucking hurts.

    • fozzie

      Beau these people are not your rational every day blokes – believe me they live is some alternate universe, and it seems to me they will do everything and anything to defend their troubled minds – if you cannot take what they dish with a dose of humour cut and run – cos they NEVER GIVE AN INCH !!

      • Big Mack

        Keep on Trucking , Fozzie . When rational argument fails , resort to insults . It seems that every post you make has the kind of low life smear common on yahoo comments section . So I guess a little part of you hasn’t grown up yet . Shame , because sometimes you make some half-coherent comments .

    • woofter

      when are you gonna fkn give up man ?

  • Vlad

    Give this silly kid a break, he has a life in front of him and a lesson learned. And Beau, quit posting under any name for a year or two.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    A long time ago WhaleOil said “everyone owns their own shit”
    Why have a sook about it now Beau Murrah?. You fucked up, so own up and apologise in the correct manner. Your name is mud sunshine

    • fozzie

      Be good if this were actually true !

  • P1LL

    @Beau Murrah
    Dude stop posting with your real name , you are adding to your Google rating profile .
    Geez man don’t they teach you anything worth knowing in Universities these days ?
    If I were you I would take a class of common sense 101
    You are pissed off that because you tried to be a big man an troll the #1 blogger in NZ
    & now a Google search for your name shows what a fuck knuckle you are is listed in the top 5 or so results, then you keep posting under your name on the same blog #Face-palm
    Did you not know that you have increased your Google ranking to your dipshit posts by doing this ?

    • Random66

      Agree, Beau stop posting under your real name and perhaps just turn your computer off for a few days and take a deep breath. All this nonsense on the internet at the moment will die down once you stop putting petrol on it. Say nothing, do nothing and those that know you will move on with you.

  • Sarrs

    Beau – if you want rid of the turtle molester and other things as top of your google searches you have two options. Pay google to make something else the top search result (businesses do it all the time) or construct a couple of google bombs and get clicking. It won’t remove the information but it will drop lower down google’s search-rank algorithms. Keep at it and the turtle thing will end up five or six pages deep and really, who looks much further than that when googling anything? I would be surprised if this hasn’t already been suggested to you. Wiki that shit, it explains everything. Good luck.

  • Stable

    Wow, WhaleOil, you have to be the biggest piece of hypocritical shit on the planet. Why are you actively encouraging in a slanderous hate campaign against 1 guy on the internet who mildly irritated you? Oh, that’s right, because he was dumb-enough to use his real name, and you have leveraged his real name to bully and harrass this poor man in real life. Not only that, but you actively stalk him around the internet and post on your blog, actively recruiting your followers to further harras this guy. And I know you’re only doing it because he used his real name, making him the easiest possible target for your spineless bullying, while allowing for the most possible personal damage to him.
    Grow up you pathetic man-child. It seems you have a fetish for posting damaging and illegal content along with real names, like your name suppression bullshit. I call it bullying, in its lowest form. I imagine that you only do it to fuel more visits to your personal cess-pool of ignorance and hate called WhaleOil.