Who will replace Roger Bridge, Ctd

The tipline is saying that a much broader net is being cast looking for a replacement for Roger Bridge. The parliamentary wing are concerned that there is no natural successor to Peter Goodfellow, who is rumoured to be thinking of standing down so he doesn’t have to fundraise for the 2014 election. Of course Peter Goodfellow has his own bad news stories that follow him around like a bad smell. On Thursday Sanford was again in the news for all the wrong reasons. With Goodfellow on their board they have been accused of using slave labour and been prosecuted for illegal dumping and pollution in American Samoa.

It is likely that National will have to bring in a strong leader from outside the current board to replace Peter, and this is an opportunity to bed someone in before they replace Peter.

The name that immediately springs to mind is Wira Gardiner. Long time readers will remember that this blog took a hostile position on Wira’s candidacy in 2009, as he was too conflicted given his wife was on caucus. His ham-fisted campaign managed by Michelle Boag counted against him and he did not win a seat on the board.

This blog is willing to admit mistakes and Wira would have been a far better president than Peter. The conflict of interest is a problem, but both Wira and Hekia are professional enough to manage it. After smashing up Nick Smith so effectively Boag is no longer a player in National, and Wira would not be seeking advice from her.

If Wira were available he would make fine board member, and could take over from Peter Goodfellow next July, leading the party wing of National into the 2014 election. On a board of non-entities he would be a real leader.


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  • CoNZervative

    CS, if the rumours are true, I am suggesting Nick Smith to replace Roger B in transition up to 2014 (while out of Cabinet) and Roger Sowry as president if PG wants to go. http://conzervative.wordpress.com/2012/09/08/changes-at-the-top-of-national-roger-roger-nick-peter/

    • Uhmmm no to both. Roger Sowry could never win and electorate so why should he be president. PG should go….with all his murk in his personal and company affairs he really should go.

      • CoNZervative

        Sowry won Kapiti outright in 1990 from a Cabinet Minister (a solid Labour seat), and was placed highly on the list thereafter; PG has never won an electorate. Geoff Thomson only ever won Horowhenua once.

        • CoNZervative

          Sorry correction: Sowry and Thomson both won their seats twice (incidentally next door to each other); and Sowry three subsequent high List placements (5 terms). Qualifies him more than most.

          • MPs and ex-MPs make poor party advocates. They side too often with caucus instead of the party. That said PG is a creature and puppet of caucus.

        • That would be Jeff not Geoff. The other one is a tool.

          Sowry lost three times to Judy Keall…enough said.

    • Nemesis

      coNZervative – you are so spectacularly out of the loop you may as well be in the Labour Party. Nick wouldn’t do the canty Westland role and Sowry has no desire to head the organizational wing of the Party. Sowry seems more than happy in lobbyist land, doing odd jobs for Nats as required.

      Whale is right. If an appointment was required someone like Wira or Ele would fit. I prefer Ele or another woman motivated to bring more good female candidates. Better still would be someone experienced in campaigning, strategy and with a bit of youth on their side!

  • CoNZervative

    Wira’s first wife also spectacularly jumped ship from the National caucus and joined another rebel party. Ooops. Gardiner will not unite the Nat factions but polarise them further.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Cam I can understand (and share) your desire to have a decent chip at Pooter Goodfellow… but the reference to Thursday’s news and Sanford being in it for all the wrong reasons is a little wide of the mark.

    I know the business and the players – NIMPLs receivership is nothing to do with Sanford and everything to do with a third shareholder failing to meet his financial obligations.

    This is one occasion where Sanford is left to deodorise the room of someone else’s bad smell

    • Be that as it may…if I was the opposition I would be kicking the shit out of Goodfellow for all it was worth, especially over the slave labour and pollution charges. A good opposition would.

      • Joe Bloggs

        Yup – I’ve not no argument with that. Pity we don’t have a good opposition.

        NIMPLs just not the best example of Goodfellow’s incompetence

  • CoNZervative

    Nemesis, Nick would do C/W as a short term (as I said, while they look for someone else). What’s he doing now, reading Green Enviro. policy papers?

    Elle is too far South, you can’t run the Party from south of Chch.

    Sowry loves politics, and as Prez he’d be Lance Armstrong in a drug store. Much more stimulating than what he’s doing now. It’d also be a full loop for him, from Y.Nats to Prez. Nat HQ has a woeful record of “professional” appointments as Gen Sec.s (or whtever its called now) the last 20 years, time for some mongrel party-groupees before National vanishes completely beneath the vacuousness of MMP.

  • Bruce

    Wasnt Roger Sowry a shoe salesman, says it all.