Why “Change” Is Just A Slogan

I found this piece that Obama would be best to read….and any other lefty “progressive”.

People want better schools, but nobody wants to rock the system, the unions, the teachers, the role of parents.

People want lower health care costs, but nobody wants to endure the changes to medicine, law and bureaucracy it’ll take to get it.

People want lower insurance, but nobody wants to adopt the changes in lifestyle and behavior that’ll drive it.

People want to be thinner, healthier and happier, but nobody wants to own actions it takes to get there.

People want lower gas prices, but nobody wants to radically shift their consumption patterns.

People want homeless brothers and sisters off the street, as long as it’s N.I.M.B.Y.

Next time a waffly left wing politician comes at you with wanting “change”, hit them with the above.


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  • maninblack

    In my opinion.. the market needs to create the change, that will make people change, not govt creating laws..

  • Magoo

    We voted for change in NZ as well.

  • Mitch82

    The ‘Change’ artwork was missing one key line underneath: “Hand it over, bitches.”

    America had it’s chance and pissed it away. Hope they are enjoying their choice between Elephant Shit Sandwich and Donkey Shit Sandwich. 4 more years of dragging us into wars, here we come.

  • Mike

    Why pick on the lefties? Much as I dislike them, the behaviour described is not typical of political leaning. Plenty of right-wingers that are just as unwilling to allow change unless it is on their terms, e.g. abolish taxes and kill the poor.

    Our biggest challenge is to get people across the political spectrum to accept the same change. That means compromise, which is something that politically polarised people find very hard to do.

    We certainly need change in New Zealand. The present system is financially unsustainable, with fewer producers, lower productivity and higher costs (both domestic and foreign). Much needed social change will probably come as a forced result of economic pressure on the country. What are the areas where people will compromise in order to effect change? Bearing in mind that a lot of people will be voting themselves a lower standard of living if they support most likely compromises. (The areas of super, DPB and student loans are good starting places for compromises….)

    How intelligent are we when it comes to voting? Present results seem to show that a lot of people are not too bright, but they probably represent the extremes who would vote the way they do regardless, even if god herself appeared in a cloud of smoke and told them to vote the other way. The question really applies to the middle-ground swing voters, and the huge number of young people who don’t vote. We desperately need civics education and the instilling of a sense of national pride (and hope) in our youth.

  • Patrick

    The whole thing with Obama was always horseshit. No body ever analysed his policies, you had most of Hollywood & the likes of Oprah saying it was time for a black president. So he was chosen for his colour not his policies – other countries have done similar & have been accused of being racist.

    Why is it different in this case?