Why do they keep giving her bail?

You have to wonder at the ‘wisdom’ of the judges that keep giving this fraudster bail. At least Judge Harvey, not one of my favourites for obvious reasons, had the stones to issue an arrest warrant:

A Trade Me scammer who conned customers out of nearly $50,000 had an arrest warrant issued this morning but later had it cancelled after she turned up at court.

Elmira Rafiee, 25, was charged with 56 dishonesty offences after selling website users cut-price iPhones and iPads that never arrived.

She used websites Trade Me and Sella to contact her victims directly pretending to be the seller of products they were interested in. Forty five people fell for the scam and Rafiee pocketed $46,000. The highest single amount paid was $1100 for an iPad.

When caught last year, Rafiee admitted the charges and was told to pay back the money.

She was due to be sentenced today – possibly to jail – but neither she nor her lawyer arrived at Auckland District Court.

A clearly displeased Judge David Harvey called the lawyer “discourteous” and issued a warrant for Rafiee’s arrest.

The warrant was cancelled after Rafiee turned up at court this afternoon and was further remanded for sentencing on November 30.

Today wasn’t the first time Rafiee failed to show up at court.

While awaiting her sentencing, she skipped bail at least three times and was twice caught associating with her boyfriend Chadlyn Vanniekerk, whom she was banned from seeing by a High Court judge after her first breach.



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  • Joe Bloggs

    3 months for each charge, to be served consecutively. Take the prisoner down. Next case…

    • blokeintakapuna

      Send the prisoner to China – outsource her incerceration – save the tax payer hundreds of thousands, plus with her being in China, they will be able to help adjust her attitude of entitlement through 16 hour days of rigorous hard labour for her plain rice and water…
      There solved it for you…

      • Young and Dumb

        Is that possible? Outsourcing prisons, because if that is it’s a bloody brilliant idea. Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Gazzaw

    One could assume that she is an immigrant – if she is then deport her.

  • blazer

    pretty small amount when you consider all the finance companies that sold’ investments …that ‘never arrived’ either.

    • Monique and Steve

      I don’t consider $50,000 tax free a small amount, most of us have to work. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Put in context, it’s every bit as major as the finance companies. Deport the silly tart and her boyfriend, should be a give-in.

    • pukakidon

      I guess when you don’t have to earn a living $50,000.00 is not much eh! This is typical of socialist beliefs. Money grows on trees and only suckers work. Do you realise that your benefits that you so eagerly claim are funded by hardworking taxpayers to who $50,000.00 is alot of money.

      • blazer

        where does it say she was on the bene?Reynolds got $30 mil for about 6 yrs ‘work’…is he one of those hardworking taxpayers you’re talking about?

        • pukakidon

          I am talking about you. You seem to think the theft of $50,000.00 is not a big problem.

          • blazer

            in context these days it is not a BIG problem and its multiple small amounts.Btw for your benefit…I’m not.

    • Gazzaw

      And then there’s Unite and the misappropriated PAYE.