Why we should tell the Greens to stick it over fracking

Sensible stuff from Fraser Nelson:

In the end, the biggest mistake you can make in politics is to judge a programme by its intentions, not its results. For more than a decade, environmental policy has been cursed with cross-party consensus because no one wanted to be seen to oppose so noble a cause. This left us a situation where aristocrats are offered subsidies for follies, and the Government was unmoved by what could be the best environmental news for a generation. Shale has helped America’s carbon emissions fall by 430 million tons in five years, more than any other country’s. This is progress that would, if we had a rational debate, be celebrated.


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  • Redbaiter

    The real issue here is “how could such a crazy idea as banning fracking ever have received the degree of credibility it has?”.

    What this outcome tell us is that our newspapers, TV and other media is utterly corrupted to the Watermelon cause. Whatever the so called environmental lobby comes up with receives virtually no scrutiny from our mainstream media.

    Once editors in green eye shades worked tirelessly at their presses to bring us truth. Now collections of school/ uni indoctrinated propagandists cluster behind computer screens in newspaper and TV offices and bring us lies and distortions and fear mongering and propaganda.

    That the campaign against fracking has succeed in so many areas is only proof of how politically corrupted our media sources are and how we can no longer depend upon them for truth or real information.

    They exist only as a political force to progress the Progressive agenda.

  • Simon

    Carbon (dioxide) emissions are not demonstrably a bad thing, so the lowering of them is a crap reason for celebrating fracking. CAGW is a hypothesis that has not been validated by observation. Given the lack of a hotspot in the troposphere (specifically predicted by the GCMs), given the global warming that has not occurred (again, forecast by the models based on the co2 emissions that have occurred), if anything it has been invalidated.