Will Comrade Kate Get made a Life Member of the CTU?

Kate Wilkinson has achieved what note union luminaries Jim Knox, Ken Douglas, and Mark Gosche never did. She has managed to increase union membership (pdf) in New Zealand. It is only a small increase but her average is way better than Jim, Ken and Mark so word is she is going to be made a life member of the CTU.

This is an amazing effort for someone who is nominally a right winger and her life membership would be deserving. Well done Comrade Kate.



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  • Deep Blue

    She really would have to be the weakest link in the Key Government. Conservation is a mess, Labour issues (increased Union membership should be a crime) continue to bog businesses down killing any chance of productivity, and to top it off her Beehive staff couldn’t see or read a political issue to save themselves.

    Time for a re-shuffle Key. Put some young thruster in the seat and retire this communist back to the… well from where ever she came from.

    • parorchestia

      Agreed. She is a real disappointment. Did you see her interview on the addition of folic acid to bread?

    • owl

      Will be interesting to see if the unions update their websites with the correct numbers they represent

  • Owl

    Whale Oil I am really sad to report your analysis is so wrong – there is not an increase nor at the numbers on the table reflective of an increase.

    Firstly EMPU can not claim to represent 40,000 people – exact figure is 36,987 but before say it is just about 40,000 they took over NZ Building Trade Union who had 1399 members. Over 10% have walked out of the EMPU Union and along the way awarded themselves a $300.00 per annum pay rise by not paying fees anymore.

    Therefore in real numbers using EMPU’s rounding abilities 5000 have left the EMPU. Dont think for one minute these people have left for Australia – why? Unions are on record saying 2 union members are leaving per week for Australia – that is 104 per annum not 5,000

    It is a shame because the EMPU scooped up $1m in cash and assets for its members by taking over NZ Building Union. Just for quick maths for the Building Union members – your net worth was $700 per member – it is now $305.00. Not bad a 50% loss on day one – sounds a bit like Hanover and Allied doesn’t it.

    Ok National Distribution is up 6,000 but wait – they amalgamated too. So No winner there.

    But my little favourite – Unite – they have lost 1,500 members in two years and as the union is already insolvent and broke and cant pay its bills (refer their annual report) – you can all join the new Unite Charitible Trust set up by Mike, Matt and their mates.

    So Whale Oil the growth %age is incorrect – only luxury yacht unions grew number (Alloy) – god dam those rich people.