Winston is the master of this

Andrew Sullivan blogs about Obama courting the Drunk Vote. Here ins New Zealand Winston peters has a solid lock on this demographic:

It’s a time-honored tradition:

In colonial times, it was considered ungentlemanly, corrupt, and downright sleazy to openly solicit votes through campaign speeches and advertisements. Instead, upstanding politicians engaged in an old and cherished tradition called “swilling the planters with bumbo” – otherwise known as “getting voters drunk on Election Day.” (Bumbo was a type of rum.)

In Washington’s day, elections were largely an excuse to party. Voting presented a rare opportunity for people to gather from miles around, catch up with their neighbors, and imbibe liberally. Crafty politicians capitalized on the festive climate to rack up votes. In fact, it was difficult for anyone to win an election without wining and dining his constituents. Though it was technically illegal to explicitly purchase gifts for voters, it was perfectly appropriate for a politician to buy a round for two hundred of his closest friends on Election Day.


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  • Scanner

    Poor Old Winston, the most misunderstood man in the house, we all think that his drinking is a problem but we are wrong, his drinking is research for a better view of the issues surrounding drink in society.
    We all thought his failure to pay back the money was fraudulent, but no it was done highlight a loophole in the system that he felt should be exposed.
    So when we look at this from an open mind we see Winston is completely misunderstood and only seeks to expose the weakness that are in the system,.

  • Patrick

    Stupid old fool has been pulling the wool over peoples eyes for far too long.

    As Clint Eastwood said – “if you aint doing the job we gotta let you go”.

    Stop voting for the old sponger – you are only encouraging him.

  • tarkwin

    Phil Heatly is my M.P, I’d rather vote Green than get on the turps with him – and yes I have met him several times.

  • SHG

    A guy that half of America suspects of being a Muslim running against a guy who really is a Mormon. Gee I wonder why the first guy is using alcohol in his messaging.