Would They Have Said No To A Woman?

Australian cricketers offered sex at Twenty 20.

A man offered sex to Australian cricketers after breaking into their hotel rooms during the current World T20 tournament in Sri Lanka.

The 21-year-old Sri Lankan, named as Abdul Karim, was fined 1,000 rupees ($A7.30) and handed a one-month suspended jail term after he pleaded guilty on Thursday to a charge of breaking and entering.



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  • Mr_Blobby


  • kehua

    Dumb prick should have hit up the Blackcaps, he`d probably get the tea boys job?

  • Patrick

    Warnie would have taken him up on the offer – he’s always game on for anything

  • BR

    The headline is misleading. What was on offer was buggery, not sex. Buggery is a filthy disgusting practice that should never have been sanctioned in NZ law.