Would This Happen In New Zealand?

One upside of the Australian MP’s kicking to touch marriage equality is that New Zealand is now open to GLBT tourist weddings.  Australian gay and lesbian couples can come to New Zealand and tie the knot.

How would the New Zealand “gay mafia” handle this situation?

Because Susanne, 56, and Mike 58, are devout Christians and only allow married heterosexual couples to book into their double rooms. And Michael Black and John Morgan, who hail from Cambridgeshire and have been together for nearly ten years, are gay.

‘I’d had a booking from a Mr Black for the Zurich room — a nice big double with an en-suite,’ explains Susanne. ‘And, naturally, I assumed it was for Mr and Mrs Black. But as I helped them manoeuvre their car into the drive, I realised they were two men and I thought: “Oh dear, this isn’t a situation I can go along with.” ’

They seem to discriminate against unmarried heterosexual couples as well.

The couple even banned a family member from sharing a room with her boyfriend. ‘That caused a bit of a scene. But you have to be consistent and honest.’

Goodness, very conservative.  You would think they were running a hotel in the Middle East.

Tau Henare went to extreme lengths of actually marrying his missus to travel to the Middle East for a troughing trip. I asked Cactus Kate how she travelled in the Middle East and rather stoop to Henare’s extremes she just broke the law and signed in at the front desk as travelling with her father then was faced with a suite with two single beds.  Then didn’t go back.

The All Blacks seem to share rooms when they travel.  Under this sort of regime they could not.


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  • Mitch82

    This wouldn’t have happened if they’d put up a “NO GAYS” sign on their website and at the front of the property.

    • BR

      Good for them. It is their hotel and they should be free to allow or exclude anyone from their premises for any reason whatsoever. Anyone should be able to have a sign which says no homosexuals, no Maoris, no white people, no Indians, no one under 5 feet, no one over six feet no one (insert group you don’t approve of here).


  • viking

    Marriage proposal on All Blacks flight

    Sunday, 23, Sep, 2012 8:31AM
    There’s been a marriage proposal on the All Blacks’ flight to Argentina.

    anything is possible!

    • Mitch82

      A whole lot less interesting when I found out it wasn’t Dan proposing to Richie.

  • Changeiscoming

    Good on them for standing by their beliefs which they are quite entitiled to do. They should really make sure their website etc clearly defines the rules so they don’t have an embarrassing situation.