A bloody good bloke

English: Formal portrait of Sir Charles Bathur...

Formal portrait of Sir Charles Bathurst Bledisloe in uniform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lord Bledisloe that is.

Oh that our current politicians would have the same values. He liked rugby but didn’t like bludging.

The Waitangi National Trust is launching a $10 million fundraising drive today to build a new museum at the Treaty Grounds. It also wants to increase its digital presence and help more schoolchildren to travel there.

Trust chairman Pita Paraone said the drive was necessary because the trust did not receive any public money as the grounds were gifted to the nation by Lord Bledisloe in 1932 on the condition that taxpayers would not be burdened.

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  • thats incredible. what foresight.

  • thor42

    Ten million bucks for a new museum?
    What a waste of money.
    Imagine how many education scholarships ten million dollars could create. But hey – that’s not “PC” enough.
    Better to spend ten million on ramming yet more Treaty crap down the throats of schoolchildren.
    At least (for once) it’s not “public money”.

  • Mediaan


    If this museum gets built, Maori guides will be employed by the Trust to conduct parties of overseas tourists through. The guides will recite a commentary. This will be a diatribe of imagined Maori wrongs and systematic lies about New Zealand history. The nice genial tourists will disperse saying, in shocked gasps, “I had no idea”.

    If you want to see how it will work, take the guided group tour of the Maori thermal village at Whakarewarewa in Rotorua. When I was last there, that’s precisely what was going on.

    • That may well be, but at least we won’t be paying for it

  • blazer

    I guess he wasn’t born with a silver ladle in his gob…

  • Dave

    Perhaps Sir Charles Bathurst Bledisloe saw the future when he Gifted the land, knowing they could be a serious burden on future taxpayers. If only there had been a similar clause in the treaty.