A look into the future

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What a difference 8 years makes! Attached is a current photo of the man-made kayak course constructed in Athens for the 2004 Olympics. A look into the future for Len’s loopy mates.


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  • Vlad

    The idea that the ratepayers of Auckland should spend 32million dollars on a whitewater park whether in Manukau or Ponsonby is an absolute abomination. The story is being disguised in reports as some kind of benign swap of a 30million swathe of ratepayer owned land to finance it. Sure, sell the land, but pocket the proceeds and either use it to offset rates or spend it on some useful infrastructure. But my main rage is WHERE IS THE CONSERVATIVE/SENSIBLE ALTERNATIVE to looney Len; why is the National Party asleep at the wheel over future governance of Auckland?

  • ConwayCaptain

    not just Athens. Many of the Olympic Stadia around the world fll into disrepair after the vent.

  • Guest

    Man made kayak course – I’d laugh if it wasn’t for the fact its a bloody likely outcome. This is a sick example of the results of Len’s patronage of his supporters – pork barrel politics of an internationally ridiculous magnitude.

  • WayneO

    I have photos and witnessed much worse than this. The Olympic stadium precinct in central Athens is diabolical. Rusting, disrepair, weeds growing through where fountains once were, carparks ripped up, birds nesting in the gymnasium halls and all the walkways either falling down or rotten to the point of risking life when walked on. The whole place resembles a bomb site. The only thing left in some sort of order is the main stadium because a football team plays there very rarely.

    And all this was new in 2004. Disgraceful.

  • cows4me

    The figures can’t possibly add up. The facility would have to clear at least 4 or 5 million a year to pay it’s way. They would either have to charge each kayaker mega dollars to use or bring thousands through the door. Neither seems practical. I’m not a rocket scientist but surely a good accountant would put more holes in this proposal then Swiss cheese.

  • sandynobb

    Now this is how you build a stadium.

    ‘Prior to construction, the architect [Albert Speer] had pointed out to the Nazi
    dictator that the measurements of “his” playing fields did not match
    official Olympic dimensions. But Hitler was unconcerned and retorted:
    “That’s totally unimportant. The 1940 Olympics will be taking place in
    Tokyo. But after that they will be held for all eternity in Germany —
    and in this stadium. And it is we who will determine how the sporting
    field is measured.”

  • andrewo

    Oh and here I was thinking it was a rear view of the Parthenon

  • ConwayCaptain

    The FIFA world cup held in SA resulted in many billions being spent on Stadia. The big ones need TWO huge events per month to be able to break even. This is impossible of course and they will cost the SA Taxpayer a bundle to maintain.

    • Gazzaw

      The SA government is corrupt and has to provide multi-billion dollar circuses to the people to keep them diverted from the massive problems that beset the nation.

  • Shush, Looney Len needs to fill his re-election campaign coffers. Nothing to see hear. Move along.