A message from Bill, Ctd

Parliament was a lacklustre affair today with Russel Norman focussing on stopping drilling. Bill from the EPMU isn’t happy:


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  • Well, I have to say that… reluctantly… the unionist has this one absolutely right. If you want jobs, you allow mining.

    • I’m a big supporter of unions who are actually there to create jobs and look after their members interests, as some of those people really do need someone speaking for them. Good on him for encouraging job growth. Bad on him for “manufaturing a job crisis”. If it was really there it wouldn’t need to be manufactured.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Ozie Mozzie Norman’s aim is to make everybody in NZ redundant by closing every single industry and then take to grass growing, planting shrubs ,eating fruits and riding horses. Everybody can then smoke pot and doze off in the winter sun after an organic beer. There are enough nuts in this country who will be voting for this madness in 2014 and the Green rule is coming for sure folks. I don’t think brainless Emperor John Key realises this. Somebody talk some sense into his head please.

    The next Rouge Morgan poll is due out in couple of days and that will show Emperor and his cronies dropping below the sacred 40% mark. Game over for Nats.

  • Guest

    Dear Bill, got caught up strategising when we become the main opposition in a few months time. Really concerned Dave is going to be rolled and they might put someone half decent in. The Manufacturing crisis summit was a great idea we should run another one – I was thinking Indonesia – do you have an office up there? Rusty