Action like this is to be encouraged

This idiot bludger needs to have her protest action spread far and wide, so other idiot bludgers do the same:

A beneficiary rights activist has cancelled her benefit to draw attention to the vulnerability of beneficiaries’ private information following the revelation that thousands of private files were accessible through public internet kiosks at WINZ offices.

Olive McRae, a domestic purposes beneficiary and spokesperson for Welfare Justice Dunedin, said she believed the incident was the largest breach of privacy of a government organisation in New Zealand history.

“My information isn’t secure, so I see no option but to forfeit my benefit until they address my concern. I hope that my landlord won’t kick me out too fast, and the electricity company doesn’t cut the power right away”

I think you’ll find that they do kick you out. But I reckon this beneficiary is all mouth and no trousers…there is scant chance she will have actually given up the benefit….and even if she did she has proven that she didn’t need it through her actions…brilliant strategy.


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  • Gazzaw

    Don’t be too optimistic Cam, she’ll want backpay once she’s made her point. Should the landlord try & kick her out the appropriate shit-stirrers will ensure the TV cameras are there.

    • Pin

      And, given her propensity for public recognition I have little doubt that the ‘appropriate’ shit-stirrer will be ………..Olive McRae!!

    • shes the ultimate leftie.

  • Guest

    That;s odd. She had enough money to run for public office a number of times.

    She doesn’t appear to be seeking work either, given that she describes herself as a full-time young mother here.

    • Mediaan

      Good backgrounding, thanks.
      It seems that, having got her womb going with a child, young Olive instantly became an expert on just about everything.
      Her policies include getting the Reserve Bank into retail banking (!) so they can give out loans to warm up homes, because cold homes create cold people.

  • Troy

    Stupid bitch. Let her go without for a while – without any backpay, maybe an error will appear in the system to say she isn’t entitled to anything, which would be great – one less bludger for us all to pay for.

  • BJ

    What a crock! It never ceases to amaze how much time and energy some beneficiaries have to pursue and hound the hand that feeds them – if only they could redirect that energy and motivation into gaining employment. Not only is she going to be supported through this ‘protest’ with food donations but she has conveniently put her bank account number under the article for any one inclined to give financial support. There are always opportunists like her and no doubt there will be plenty naive and willing enough to shower her with gifts and money such that she comes out right on top – maybe never needing a benefit again. Well, now I know her bank account number that maybe her benefit gets paid into so thats one less thing thats private.

  • Liberty

    “My information isn’t secure, so I see no option but to
    forfeit my benefit until they address my concern. “

    How many people did in fact see the information?

    At this stage there are two.

    The lefty media were told about it. But did they look at
    individual records?

    The data couldn’t be seen on the kiosk screens. It had to be
    down loaded and converted.

    The lefty media portrayal of thousands lining up to have a gawk.
    Is a load of sensationalistic crap.

    There has been no satisfactory explanation why a dubious
    character. Who is in working.

    In the IT industry was loitering around the kiosk.

    Was this an accidental discovery of a hole in the system or
    did he already know about it?

    There are a number of questions that need answering.

    If accidental. Why didn’t he go straight to the counter and
    ask for the Manager?

    How did he find out about the Hole? Pub
    talk? Pillow talk?

    Notice how the lefty media have suddenly gone deathly silent

    They know there is more to this story and when it all comes
    out they know

    it is not going to
    look good for the left.

    • Dave

      Hmmmm “The data couldn’t be seen on the kiosk screens. It had to be
      down loaded and converted” Granted, ther ewould be a few people using the kiosks that might be capable of downloading and converting the data, but I seriously doubt 99.9999% of the Beneficiaries could be bothered to download and convert the data, and that is why most (not all) are beneficiaries, they cant be bothered.

      • That would require some effort…and you know…a work ethic

  • LesleyNZ

    Why would anyone want to read about them in any case? Much more interesting info to read than beneficiary info. How many actually know how to use the kiosk computers – like that blogger did. I wouldn’t have a clue.

  • I just looked at the discussion on the origional article:

    “Byron says:
    October 21, 2012 at 12:09 pm
    she is being supported by donations of money and food, and like most DBP recipients is looking for a job”

    IN OTHER WORDS….. she is bludging money directly from fools rather than indirectly ie the taxpayer.

  • Markm

    Hopefully Paula Bennett won’t address her concerns so will continue her protest.
    Can’t see why we should fund her lifestyle choice of living on a commune and pursuing a career of political activism

  • Dave

    The sense of entitlement really gets to me, list’s herself as a full time mother, when she should be known as a Beneficiary. Every person on longer term (6 months +) welfare in NZ should be known as a LTB Long Term Beneficiary (or Bludger). Every WINZ office in NZ needs to adopt such terms, and perhaps a sign. “It takes 100 taxpayers to support your benefit, be grateful, get off the benefit urgently”. Perhaps even change the name of WINZ to BO Benefits office, Bludgers office or Bugger Off or ………….

  • Doug

    Hope she is paying TAX on her donations Tax free income the IRD is hot on this.

  • Michael

    I think we should encourage this – a general strike by all beneficiaries (i.e. cancelling all benefits) until the computer systems at MSD are fixed. Er, take your time boys and girls.

  • adsup

    Lets see how long she lasts with donations, it might show Bennett how little support there is out there for hard working taxpayers to fund people who can’t loo after their own fertility.

  • Doug

    Silly Woman the IRD now have her Bank Account number, and can check the amount of withholding tax paid could prove interesting.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep is so concerned about her welfare. He will take up her case in the parliament and ensure Emperor is grilled on this. Sheep will be announcing a welfare policy soon. As per this policy all welfare payments will be doubled in 2014 when Labour and Green government will be restoring social justice in this country. Go the Sheep!!!

  • Friend of the board

    She is a social credit candidate

  • Well, she’s part way there, perhaps she needs to see this gem to kick-start her entry into the world of the tax-payer:

    • Honcho

      What anti-socialism clip?

      • I was trying to do something clever but Clever left for the day. Search” “Antisocialism Ad by Hungari Born Billionaire”, or through the above link.

  • Patrickm

    Cut her off – & another 200,000 just like her, maybe then NZ could try balancing the books