Al Gore: Green=Greenbacks, and plenty of them

Whatever the saviour of the planet trousered from his $804 a seat gabfest in Auckland, it was chump change compared to the fortune he has amassed off the back of the Climate Change industry he so passionately promotes.

The Washington Post details the riches that have flowed from his canny investments, many into industries that benefit from Government funding.

Before a rapt audience, Al Gore flashed slides on a giant screen bearing the logos of 11 clean energy companies he predicted could help slow climate change.

“We can’t wait. . . . We have a planetary emergency,” the former vice president told industry leaders and scientists at the 2008 conference. “Here are just a few of the investments that I personally think make sense.”

Today, several of those clean tech firms are thriving, including a solar energy start-up and a Spanish utility company that has dotted rural America with hundreds of wind turbines.

Al Gore is thriving, too.

The man who was within sight of the presidency 12 years ago has transformed himself, becoming perhaps the world’s most renowned crusader on climate change and a highly successful green-tech investor.

Just before leaving public office in 2001, Gore reported assets of less than $2 million; today, his wealth is estimated at $100 million.

Gore charted this path by returning to his longtime passion — clean energy. He benefited from a powerful resume and a constellation of friends in the investment world and in Washington. And four years ago, his portfolio aligned smoothly with the agenda of an incoming administration and its plan to spend billions in stimulus funds on alternative energy.

The recovering politician was pushing the right cause at the perfect time.

Fourteen green-tech firms in which Gore invested received or directly benefited from more than $2.5 billion in loans, grants and tax breaks, part of President Obama’s historic push to seed a U.S. renewable-energy industry with public money.

No wonder he keeps jet-setting round the world, emitting carbon by the tonne.


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  • BJ

    In a word – Greed

  • Never in the dark…..

    Worth a $100mill., and still can’t get his teeth fixed? Or are they that way from all the crap he spouts forth?

  • Pita

    The charlatan Gore made a fortune as a “pump and dump” investor with green credentials.Selling his shares in The Chicago Climate Exchange at its peak (before it collapsed)…and possibly Solyindra as well.

  • conwaycaptain

    Hypocritical greedy bastard

  • In Vino Veritas

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with Gore making money from Greenie shit. I certainly dont agree with damn near everyting he says, but this is capitalism in action. Beautiful.

    • engineer

      It is not capitalism in action as it all
      relies on government subsidies. It is actually socialism, or cronyism.

      • In Vino Veritas

        engineer, if the government is stupid enough to waste taxpayer money, then that’s their problem. I doubt whether Gore water boarded them to get them to do it. Found a niche. Exploited it. Capitalism. End of story.

        • Will

          I don’t agree. Capitalism is supposed to be voluntary transactions of private wealth. Politicians wasting money obtained by force hardly qualifies.

          • In Vino Veritas

            I don’t know where you get your definition from Will, but its not just to do with private wealth. Try this from Wikipedia: Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private ownership of the means of production and the creation of goods or services for profit. Other elements central to capitalism include competitive markets, wage labour and capital accumulation.

          • engineer

            Sorry V V nothing in that definition says that the state should steal money and give it to pet projects.

          • In Vino Veritas

            I havent commented on theft by taxation or any other means engineer. Its still capitalism. Gore is just investing for profit.

          • engineer

            Can we agree on the term corporate welfare for this one then? Al Gore is investing for a profit, but not investing in free market capotalist companies.

    • Lion_ess

      A greenie Fortune Teller, if you like.

  • Neil

    You guys have really said it all already but the simple fact is he’s a failed politician that found another way to make money for opening his mouth – politicians never worry about whether they’re speaking the truth EVER…. as long as the money from speaking keeps coming. Look at all the other retired well known pollies around the planet and they all get paid huge sums to talk…..about anything.

  • Patrick

    Is anyone suprised – redistributing wealth is what the green movement is all about. Just so happens a large pot has ended up in Gore’s pocket. Not by accident either, Gore saw the opportunity to manipulate the Green movement & sympathetic (Socialist) Governments the world over. He & his ilk created a huge media storm around climate change, well intentioned unwashed hippies carried it on & at that stage Gore road the wave right onto the beach. The man is a charlatan, green energy is voodoo stuff, without massive taxpayer subsidies it does not stack up.

  • cows4me

    Currently there is a documentary running on FOX about the EPA, scary stuff. This organisation is green with very deep red core. Talk about hidden agendas,Barry’s mates are not the good guys, that’s for sure. Well worth watching.

  • GeorgeRomero

    Filthy lying hippocrite scum who should have had his visa rejected , 10 X worse than Tyson , SPIT!