An email from a Reader

A reader emails about the proposed White Water Rafting/Kayaking?centre?in Manukau and my post about the Greek version:

On the whitewater stadium, it might be better to compare it?to the one in Australia. Let’s face it the cited example is more the?Greeks than anything else.

That said, the Penrith stadium cost a third?of what Auckland CC is proposing. WHY?

The total cost of construction was $6 million, of which $1.5 million was paid by?Penrith City Council, $1.5 million by the?International Canoe Federation?(including $300,000 by Australian Canoeing) and $3 million by the?Government of New South Wales.

And how much does Penrith make?or how much is it subsidised? Is anyone comparing? AND what a?ridiculous thing to introduce as most Aucklanders are infuriated with?rate rises.

All good points, does anyone know the answer to them?