An email from a Reader

A reader emails about the proposed White Water Rafting/Kayaking centre in Manukau and my post about the Greek version:

On the whitewater stadium, it might be better to compare it to the one in Australia. Let’s face it the cited example is more the Greeks than anything else.

That said, the Penrith stadium cost a third of what Auckland CC is proposing. WHY?

The total cost of construction was $6 million, of which $1.5 million was paid by Penrith City Council, $1.5 million by the International Canoe Federation (including $300,000 by Australian Canoeing) and $3 million by the Government of New South Wales.

And how much does Penrith make or how much is it subsidised? Is anyone comparing? AND what a ridiculous thing to introduce as most Aucklanders are infuriated with rate rises.

All good points, does anyone know the answer to them?


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  • Dumbass

    I don’t get it – why does the Herald say Len’s “on track to reduce yearly rates increases to below 2.9%”. I thought he was raising them more then that?

  • Vlad

    The technique of leaking a high number ie 2.9% then following it with an outcome of, say, 2.7% is a time-honoured way of screwing the dumb media scrum, who will eventually say “Rates Rises Less than Expected” rather than saying “Lying Len Fails to Meet Promised Lower than Inflation Target”. This has been going on for aeons and every year’s output of bunnies from Media Studies falls into it. Lazy press release repeating no-hopers the lot of them.

  • Grizz30

    In the Waikato, there is a high performance rowing, and I assume canoeing, centre. Cycling are also building a velodrome nearby. If these 3 organisations put their heads together they could share resources (high perfomance training stuff). Therefore, would it not be better to build a canoe slalom venue nearby?

    The con of this of course is that Waipu ratepayers are already pissed off that their rates are being used to fund the velodrome.

  • cows4me

    Why greater costs in NZ. Because we are infested with useless tit sucking parasitic worms who go under the title of local government. My neighbour put an underpass in for his cows below a state highway, total cost around 100,000 and it’s not even his when it’s completed. A very large proportion went to grease the palms of bureaucratic leaches. We are slowly been strangled by extortion artists, nothing will get better till these fuckers are reined in and told to find productive employment.