Angry David

David Shearer continues to hurl accusations at John Key.

This morning on Red Radio he turned up as Angry David, continuing to smear and bluster. He now says it isn’t about the tape any longer it is about John Key telling the?truth?about the tape that doesn’t exist.

David Shearer has used the ‘has he stopped beating his wife yet?‘ attack on John Key. It is pathetic and doomed.

It simply isn’t good enough for Shearer to be continuing this line of attack when he hasn’t a skerrick of evidence to support even one of his allegations. The fact that no one on his front bench or even in his caucus is helping him run this shows just how out of touch he is.

Trevor Mallard, normally one to get into the mud-pit to wrestle with pigs, is staying well away too. It tells you something when even a failed strategist like Trev doesn’t support this failed strategy.

With poor poll results and now a botched smear on John Key it is apparent that we are hearing the death knell for Shearer.