Another bad bastard goes free

Thanks to the liberal panty waist activist judge Simon France another bad bastard has walked free.

You might ask how I know he is a bad bastard? His lawyer is Eb Leary and he is a Hells Angel:

A senior Hells Angel has had a drug charge dropped as the fallout from the fake police prosecution of an undercover officer continues.

Philip Ernest Schubert, a former president of the Mt Eden chapter of the motorcycle gang, was charged with offering to supply methamphetamine after a covert police sting.

But the charge was dropped when he appeared at the High Court at Auckland this morning, following a damning court ruling on the police operation last week.

Justice Simon France ordered a stay of proceedings against a group of 21 gang members in Nelson who were facing a range of charges including drug offences and being part of an organised criminal group.

For those who have short memories, Simon France is the same Simon France who presided over the travesty of a case against Ewen McDonald, suppressed vital evidence in that case and was the FIFO (Fly in, Fly out) Judge in Nelson who let 21 bad bastards back on the streets.

The wreckage left behind Simon Frances cases is building.


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  • Odd to blame the judge in this one rather than the idiot cowboy cops, IMHO.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Sorry I’m a little bit confused. The real travesty is our Justice system. What it costs and how inefficient and ineffective it is.

    It costs far more than the actual economic cost of crime. Is probably the most inefficient organization I have ever seen? Then let’s look at how effective it is. The list is too long to cover in detail here.

    The real criminals are the people feeding and sucking off the system.

  • HtD

    apparently the Australians convicted him of Rape…

    seems the title of ‘bad bastard’ is fitting

    • tarkwin

      Sounds like their defence is to attack police integrity using dodgy technicalities. If judges were elected….

  • Mediaan

    This is theft from the taxpayer.

    The police brought these cases to court, presumably fully checked out and ready to get these criminals off the streets. We, the taxpayers, paid for this. But we were going to get our social reward, a safer community. Happy ending for us.

    But the court, as it turned out, had a grievance against the police, based on a technical matter involving loss of prestige for the justice system.

    Nothing to do with this case, which WE paid for. A separate matter that affected them.

    So it took away from US our happy ending. We lost, us taxpayers. Not the police.

    The court should have pursued ITS grievance in a separate legal case, prepared separately.

    That’s the law. Follow it.