Another broken promise from Len

Len Brown went to the polls in 2010 for the Super City election promising free swimming pools for all…and now his promise is broken:

Mayor Len Brown’s policy of extending free entry to children 16 and under at all Auckland Council’s 24 swimming pools means Manukau adults lose their free swims and have to pay $3.10.

This was revealed yesterday to a council forum in draft operating guidelines for the kids-free policy from April next year.

In May, Mr Brown had to ditch unpopular plans to extend the former Manukau City Council’s free swimming at five pools to those across the region. But he gained support for the 16 and unders.

Council officers reported on how the policy will be implemented to yesterday’s Parks, Recreation and Heritage Forum, ahead of informing local boards.

Policy analyst Anita Coy-Macken said charges for adults 17 years and older would be based on existing charges, or the lowest equivalent charge in the council pool network where there was currently no charge, as in Manukau.

Lyin’ Len Brown breaks another promise and leaves pensioners out in the cold, they are the ones who need easy access to low impact exercise, not 16 year olds where the pools become a baby-sitting service.


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  • Orange

    totally agree with you

  • Gazzaw

    More of Lyin’ Len’s fan club would be affected by under 16s having to pay than there would be affected senior cits. JUst Len doing the numbers for 2013.

    Whatever Len does from now on will have an even more cynical disregard for the good of Auckland, decisions will be based on how they affect his chances for 2013.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt.

  • Name

    We could get rid of south auckland and drop our rates quite substantially – no more pools or libraries (like they can read anyway). And imagine the benefit cost reduction and the lack of crime in mt Albert that would follow!

  • Rusty

    And the dickheads make it $3.10, not even a round 3 bucks.

    • Gazzaw

      That’s why local bureaucrats need special training for the job Rusty. No one can be born with that sense of illogicality.

  • starboard

    what a fuckin cherry…smack yourself in the face Len

  • Hazards001

    Typical, the snouts in the trough can’t lower the price of a single service to the lowest common denominator even to keep an election promise but managed to increase every single other service charge to the highest charge of the previous councils..fuck of Len..and take Rodney With you..Super City my arse…just another public tit to suck off!

  • Patrick

    He panders to the “brown vote” that is where his constituency is so he really doesn’t give a flying toss about all you “whingers” when you start squeeling that you cannot afford to pay your rates. You will pay & next year when he hits you with an inflation busting increase you will pay again. When election time rolls around Lyin Len will dole out your rates money on “cultural events” for his voters & he will get re-elected. Because you rate payers are fast becoming the minority when it comes to voting power.

    Here endeth todays lesson.

    If you have a problem with this – speak with Rodders Hide, remember he set up this super city shamozzle & allowed Lyin Len to do this.