Another Shearer Flip Flop

David Shearer just can’t seem to make up his mind.

Yesterday I revealed the sneaky about-face on his now abandoned private members bill.

What was once so important for the Labour Leader that he made it his first big policy, has been quietly dumped.

But that’s not Shearer’s only recent U-turn.

Labour has campaigned hard against the Kapiti Expressway, Shearer’s electorate MPs north of Wellington have been banging on about it for years and in the Mana by-election Kris Fa’afoi was out there campaigning with protesters.

As recently as September 12, Shearer was still adamantly against the roading upgrade.

Labour leader David Shearer says his party still opposes building the Kāpiti Expressway and will ‘mothball it’ if it gets the chance.

Now he’s changed his mind on this one too.

Labour will not rule out continuing National’s Kapiti expressway all the way to Otaki, leader David Shearer said today.

So, in the space of six weeks, Shearer went from strongly opposing the project, to being relaxed about it proceeding.

The guy is a total flake, his only gimmick is playing the guitar.


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Say what you like Whale, the sad story is as long as MMP and Winnie the Poo exist in this country, this good for nothing fellow will be our PM in 2014. Emperor need to win 57 votes to go with Maori party’s 3 votes and possibly Peter Dunne’s 1 vote to get a majority of 61. Very tough chance. But keep exposing Sheep Whale, people may get absolutely tired of him and vote Emperor and his cronies with a decisive majority.

  • Doug

    Mr Shearer said Labour missed former Otaki MP and candidate Darren Hughes, who is still a friend of the Labour leader.

    Looks like Shearer want’s to add to his Band, and add a Fiddler.

    • Gazzaw

      Will you be able to roll Swiss balls down the Kapiti expressway?

  • Dave

    Think you got the last sentence wrong Cam, “his only SKILL is playing the guitar, plucking strings” best he follow his skill & passion!!

  • DavidW

    Obviously this has happened because the strategic mastermind behind the vibrant emergent and visibly credible Labour Party (Grant Robertson) is in the US “observing” the election. Meanwhile we have O’Conner in New York and one of the greens (Genter?) having a beachside holiday in Maine. Are these airmile collectors and carbon footprint creators swanning around at our expense just because Parliament is in recess for a week?

    • Patrickm

      No doubt being paid to be there & go there out of the taxpayers kitty. I doubt he travelled in the back of the plane, more likely up the front away from the riff raff that actually funded his trip.

  • Polish Pride

    wouldn’t a better way approach to this be to find out what caused him to change his mind on it….?
    The same should apply for any MP that changes their mind on policy. Changing ones mind doesn’t make one a ‘flake’. If it did all women would be flakes!!