Another Side of Troughing

This is an equal opportunity blog when it comes to putting the boot into troughers. It’s your money they are spending.

So as a bit of relief from exposing the crowd around the Ministry of Health’s lucky dip for the legions of Breast Feeding advocates, here’s an example of giving your tax dollars to rich folks.

John Key has just announced that he’s giving $650,000 to a bunch of people who want to have some fun whacking a small white ball around Michael Hill’s flash paddocks in Queenstown.

Good on you Michael for making millions and loving golf, but if you want some highly paid professionals who win millions having a weekend a of fun at your place, how about picking up the tab?

So in the scheme of things, $650,000 isn’t much, but the Ministry of Economic Development has blown $58 million (PDF 129k)through the Major Events Fund. Average spend per event $483,000; median $200,000. Golfers and TaeKwonDo enthusiasts among others are no doubt grateful.


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  • Notrotsky

    One thing that changes little upon changes in government is troughing.

  • conwaycaptain

    The biggest TROUGHERS are the Americas Cup lot. So a bunch of millionaire sailors can wander round the world sailing with little or no money coming back to NZ.

    • Gazzaw

      Totally agree CC. There has been massive investment in the current challenge so we need to see it through but if they don’t do any good this time around then the government must pull the pin. If it’s showing such a great return to the NZ boat building industry then maybe the companies involved need to be throwing more money into the pot.

    • engineer

      Wouldn’t all sports come into this category?

    • patriot

      If there is a TV feed of the Golf ,into a tourist market like Australia & if the TV showcases Queenstown’s attractions , then it could be money well spent and even cheap at $650k .

      Dont forget that the 2 Americas Cup defences, attracted much more than the cost of the Team NZ sponsorship — in terms of visitors, and tourist spend in NZ. I seem to recall $100 million in gst & and dollar input into NZ economy was the gain — so do the cost/benefit , before slagging off.

  • Patrick

    When is someone going to put a framework in place defining local & central government core roles & reponsibilities? Rodders Hide was supposed to have done that for local government but failed. Why do we still have tax payers money being wasted on what is non essential expenditure?

    • engineer

      It’s not so much that ACT / Rodney Hide failed, more that there bill didn’t get passed. Or in the case of the three strikes and Auckland super city modified by National to be less usefull than the origoanl ACT design.