Any NZers Want To Work In Philippines?

This made me laugh

Details of a working-holiday agreement between New Zealand and the Philippines are expected to be announced during the visit to New Zealand of Philippines President Benigno S. Aquino III.

The Philippines has about 10 million nationals working abroad, many doing the type of jobs others won’t do.

New Zealand is home to about 35,000 Filipinos, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, many working as farm labourers in the dairy industry and in rest homes.

Cannot see it being a two-way thing and looks like Fonterra and bludging farmers have just got a cheap supply of labour incoming.

Wonder how the Unions will react?

New Zealand’s unemployable 16-25 year olds should be shipped over so they can see what their future is really like.


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  • blazer

    unemployment is obviously not a problem here in Godzone.

    • DavidW

      Absolutely right blazer, the problem is unwillingness to work. Plenty of jobs around if you care to look. Try substituting “unemployable” for “unemployed” next time you are reading the Court Pages of your local newspaper.

      • thor42

        Spot-on, David!
        Unemployment is NOT a problem here.
        Half of the problem is WINZ – the bastards should be **frog-marching** the unemployed onto orchards and dairy-farms.

        Why do orchardists have to get workers in from Fiji to pick their fruit? Because NZ unemployed are slackarses.
        Same for many dairy farms. NZ unemployed are slackarses.
        Why are there stories of unemployed getting a job, then deliberately screwing-up so they can get fired and then go back on the dole? Gee, it must be TOUGH living on the dole if you want to do that!

        • GregM

          The problem with that Thor, is that they would turn up stoned or pissed, fall off a ladder etc, and then the farmer would get lumbered with the bill while they are off on ACC. Two weeks later the cuzzies would burgle the implement shed. Give me a Philipino anytime, they are bloody nice people.

          • blazer

            what about this view…’Unemployment is actually quite good for businesses, providing a willing pool of workers who will work for lower and lower wages – it’s one of the forces pushing down salaries. Increasing tax revenue is something for which the rich will have to shoulder the majority of the burden. Worse, increasing social services is the government spending money on something that the rich don’t need.’…and apparantly 10% of graduates can not find work.

          • thor42

            Umm….. A “willing” pool of workers?
            I see. That must be why orchardists have to get Fijians in to pick fruit…. because unemployed NZers are so “willing” to do the job.

            Same with dairy-farmers having to bring in Filipinos. Again – NZers are incredibly “willing”.

          • Sarrs

            10% of graduates in what? And how long did it take them to get their degrees? How many times did they change degrees/majors/universities during that time?

            If I’m employing a graduate accountant with no experience right out of Uni, you’re damned right I’m asking to see their transcript to make sure they’re not a time waster. At least a graduate of accounting will get an interview, show me a BA in economics, or history, or english, without it being coupled to another degree and I’ll show you the door.

          • Name

            Blazer just fuck off already.

            Why do you think Google, Facebook etc do so well and people want to work for them? They get paid above market rate, get a very nice office and get treated like people. Most companies that treat staff well retain good staff. You treat good staff badly, they leave and YOU lose money.

            But I guess a socialist like you would find it hard to believe.

          • blazer

            no fear of the Auckland Super city CEO’s and management ,leaving then!

          • Name

            Ever heard the term too many chiefs, not enough Indians?

            You gotta have some chiefs, and you gotta reward them for being chiefs. Why is that so hard to understand?

          • blazer

            I think you’re on to it!’too many (over paid)chiefs’!

          • Alloytoo

            It all revolves around this little thing all too rare thing called work ethic.

          • Alloytoo

            10% of graduates cannot find work because they lack skills and experience.

          • Bafacu

            10% of the graduates apply for roles but are illiterate. Their spelling and grammar is appalling and most struggle with basic communications.

        • Gazzaw

          An orchardist mate tells me that the only really reliable Kiwi workers he gets are retiree couples who follow the picking seasons in their motorhomes. They aren’t climbing ladders but make great workers in the packing sheds. They have a great work ethic, don’t do drugs and are a positive influence in their workforce. My mate has a register of regulars and rarely has a problem getting his workers for the season.

      • Name

        its because Sue Bradford told beneficiaries that any work which isn’t $100,000 a year 12pm-1pm isn’t worth it and they should stick to the dole

        • Karlos

          12pm-1pm, I hope they get a decent lunch break somewhere in there!

      • Alloytoo

        I know of two people in the past couple of months who went job hunting. Within four weeks each had unearthed 3 jobs, and had their pick.

        You just have to show up at the interview clean and sober, and express a desire to work hard.

    • pukakidon

      Good luck for you blazer eh!!! You wont have to get off you backside and get a job. The Philipinos will do it for you and pay tax so you can continue with you lifestyle. You just sit back and take another toke on the wack backy, everything is just fine, everything is so good in NZ when someone else pays.

      • blazer

        you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Gazzaw

    Also a source of some of the best nurses in our health system & trained under a US curriculum. Checked out the crime stats of NZ based Filipinos? I agree that the working-holiday exchange agreement won’t attract too many Kiwis to the Philippines but then neither do our agreements with Brazil & Chile and NZ society has hardly disintegrated. I’ll use a Filipino tradie anytime and pay the full Kiwi going rate. They turn up when they say they will, they are honest & unerringly courteous & unlikely to be found going through the wife’s undie drawers! What a bonus for the Catholic church too!

    • RightOfGenghis

      On good authority Gazz those Filapino girls are indeed good nurses. When they are at work. And here’s the thing. They take a lot of time off. Turns out they work the base hospital during the day and the rest home at night. The former gives them sick pay without a med cert, the latter does not. Wouldn’t need them at all if we could retain our own best and brightest. Any suggestions?

      • Gazzaw

        Probably need a registered nurse to tell us ROG but I guess that it all comes down to money & conditions. I know a girl in Australia who is right at the top of her field as a theatre nurse and gets big money by Aussie standards. Hasn’t stopped her from being headhunted by a Texas hospital though. If its purely a money issue then we’ll never hang on to our nurses.

  • Jimmie

    Kinda old news WO. They have been working on dairy farms for the last 5-10 years or so.

    They still have to be paid more than the minimum wage as per kiwi workers – so no cheaper really.

    THe big advantage they have over a lot of kiwi farm workers is that they don’t smoke weed, show up to work when told to, and look after their accommodation.

    THe one thing they aren’t good for is making complicated decisions – so tend to need clear instructions and supervision.

  • conwaycaptain

    What we will get now is a mass of illegal overstayers. They will get together enough money to show that they can support themselves then down here and take any work
    About time that WINZ started shoving some of the dead beats out to work and if they get fired no dole

    • Gazzaw

      Ask any employer who they would prefer to employ CC – a Filipino or a WINZ referral. No contest. As an ex-seafarer you would know what sort of workers Filipino seamen are & how much trouble they aren’t.

      • conwaycaptain

        Yes Gazzaw but they have to be told what to do and be supervised most of the time. At sea a good white crew was far far better than a v good Asian crew.

        • Gazzaw

          Wouldn’t argue that point with you at all – you’re the expert. Not too many discipline and AWOL problems though.

          Let’s take a simple example where no seafaring knowledge is required. Who would you prefer chipping paint & painting your ship while in port?
          Filipino seamen or WINZ referrals.

          • thor42

            No contest! Filipinos all the way!

          • GregM


          • conwaycaptain

            Also from a very corrupt system. How do we know their qualifications were obtained via a brown envelope.

          • GregM

            Yes I agree Captain. The maritime schools there are well known for “qualifying” officers in a much shorter time in exchange for a brown envelope. (As I’m sure you know). Given that 20-25% of all deck officers and crew come from the Philipines this is a problem.
            They are good buggers to work with though.

          • thor42

            True, I grant you that, CC. :)
            They do seem to have a good work-ethic though, and that counts for a lot. Not everything, but a fair bit.

        • conwaycaptain

          Sailed with Indian crew once thank goodness. You employed twice the number you did of British crews and got 1/4 the work. Oncve it got a bit chilly then you had to supply all sorts of cold weather gear and you got less and less work out of them.
          Flilpinos will work but have to be supervised all the time. Also from my nexperience of Filipino nurses when my wife was in hospital they were not as caring as the NZ/PI/Maori nurses and were not as good.

  • Patrickm

    New Zealand’s unemployable 16-25 year olds should be shipped over so they can see what their future is really like.

    Precisely – exactly what is required for all those claiming 200,000 live in poverty in NZ.

  • Dave

    But, who would they hold their hands out to in the Phillipines, i mean, what about their entitlements, you know, the dole, housing supplement, free education, training, transport allowances……

  • Mediaan

    Just dont put them in charge of any 236 metre 39,000 gross tonnage container ships especially near Astrolabe Reef.

    Sounds like the visit of Philippines President Aquino will handily divert attention from the one year anniversary of the grounding of the Rena. This, the ship causing the worst environmental catastrophe in NZ history, was crewed by 20 Filipinos.

    Here is a reminder how the people of Tauranga felt:

    • Mediaan

      Filipinos in the Bay of Plenty say that since it was revealed that crew on the Rena were from the Philippines, they have felt the wrath of the public.

      “People are passing remarks like, ‘They must be relatives of yours’. You know it’s not a joke because you can feel the negative vibes,” said Daisy Pascuade Groot, a business owner in Mt Maunganui.

      “People should understand that one man’s fault shouldn’t be seen as everyone’s fault.”

      Ms Pascuade Groot said even hotels she contacted trying to find where the crew members were staying, so she could offer assistance, hung up on her.

      Another Filipina, who did not wish to be named, said she sensed a “growing anti-Filipino feeling” in the Bay of Plenty.

      “One cyclist asked if I was Filipino, and when I said yes, he just gave me the finger and cycled off,” she said.

      Anger over the toll of wildlife caught in the oil spill from the Rena is also being directed against Filipinos.

      “The Rena crew has murdered thousands of our native wildlife, and the community still want to help them? Unbelievable,” said Kim Armstrong, a visitor from Britain whose sister lives in Tauranga.

      Philippines Embassy minister and consul Giovanni Palec, who is in Tauranga to assist the remaining crew members, said he was worried about the growing anti-Filipino sentiments.

    • Mediaan

      Sorry this arrived in bits. Attribution for quoted article is NZ Herald Oct 14, 2011, by Lincoln Tan and Amelia Wade.

  • Lofty

    I have had extensive experience in the hiring of and supervision of a Filipino workforce while working offshore.
    They are no better or no worse than any other workers, just generally cheaper.