Awesome news, a right winger to stand in Waitakere?

Apparently John Tamihere is going to stand in Waitakere for Labour…even though he denied it when I asked him about the rumours last Thursday.

If it is true I’d whole-heartedly support his return to parliament and give the voters of Waitakere a good and proper right wing candidate to vote for. Though there are rumours that there may be another party involved rather than Labour.

Of course there will be a shit fight with the union heavies who will be backing the Septic Tank.

John Tamihere is understood to be eyeing a return to Parliament in 2014 – almost a decade after his former leader Helen Clark said he faced “a very long route to redemption” for an outburst in which he called females “front bums” and was dismissive of the Holocaust.

Sources said Mr Tamihere had joined the Labour Party again and was sounding out the hierarchy about standing.

Mr Tamihere would not comment yesterday, saying it was too early to speculate.

However, he is understood to be considering standing in the most marginal seat in the country: Waitakere.

That would pit him against Social Development Minister Paula Bennett but he could have to fight for selection with Carmel Sepuloni, who lost by just nine votes to Ms Bennett last year.

Ms Sepuloni said yesterday that there was “a good chance” she would stand again.


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  • Gazzaw

    Depends on whether Little gets the nod for Employment in which case Sepuloni will have a clear advantage in the selection stakes.

  • Tony

    So, he’s running out of government money for the Waitamata Trust and needs to stick all four of his trotters in the trough.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I suggest Tamihere joins National……

    • Alex

      A better solution would be for him to join NZFirst, and then push Winston out of the leadership. Then he should launch an assault on the Maori seats against the Treaty gravy train and iwi elites. If he could do this, he’d draw Maori and Pakeha votes, and attract disaffected Labour voters who couldn’t vote National and view the Greens with suspicion. Even better: bring Damien O’Connor with him and support mining. And I’m sure he could rope in Sio, who would bring in the conservative Pacific Island vote too.

  • Mully

    I dunno – Caramello Septic Tank didn’t make herself many fans (other than diehard Labourites) with her gloating before the result was final after the election (mind you, I don’t tend to associate with many Labour voters). Tamihere doesn’t seem like a natural fit for Labour to my mind – Alex’s suggestion that JT join NZF might be an interesting idea…

  • Kiwikea

    Wonder how JT would fit with the Conservatives?

  • Troy

    I’d find it hard to support this bigot’s return to parliament as a representative of the people. He’s definately anti-gay and has proudly announced that in the past. I find him to be a smart-ass person and smarmy to boot. Do we really need to have a re-trench of his type of person and their behaviour in parliament – I thought people were tired of that… I guess i’m wrong on that score.

  • Sooty

    He can not do this as it just leaves the idiot on Radio Live in the afternoon all by himself. Maybe they should get the idiot to co host with Laws.