Brenda Pilott – One to watch

Another post from The Owl to follow on from the post Saturday about the PSA:

Over the weekend Brenda Pilott (PSA Secretary) tweeted:

So I thought I would do some research. Brenda Pilott is from the UK and was a Librarian before working for the PSA.

  •  She is a Director of Learning State Limited
  • She is a Board/Council Member of University of Victoria (Wellington)

Her position at University of Victoria comes about because the NZ Council of Trade Unions gets to appoint a member on the Board – I have checked the other Universities and they don’t seem to have the same seconded position on their Board.

Learning State Limited is a joint partnership company involving the Government/Ministry.

Her Director Fees were $12,000.00 (as per the annual report)

Her Fees from the University was $2,240.00 (as per the annual report)

Brenda Pilott only went to 7 of the 12 University meetings for the year (58%)  – the bottom of the attendees 2011 – In 2010 she only went to 9.

Owl’s Observation

The tweet doesn’t make sense – she is on two taxpayer funded organisations, picks up fees for her services and was appointed to the University by recommendation and not by vote.

How can people on one hand sit on Boards which are making extremely good bottom-lines and tweet that National is cutting costs all over the place. The PSA makes six figure profits and still increases their fees on the rank and file. I cannot see how a Unionist who represents strong political views (refer PSA website) can hold such positions as it looks like a major conflict of interest.

Normally I would not care but surely “tweeting” about your bosses just doesn’t make sense to me. I am sure there is some very strong employment LAW about this?


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  • Brendapilotsbrain

    Trough trough trough ….. haw haw haw must gargle some more chardonnay while espousing socialist ideals….. eek keep those proles away from me lurvee !!!

  • Patrick

    Another champagne socialist troughing it big time all the while lording it over the union members & extorting more & more money from them based on arguments about class warfare.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep – and this is the usual calibre of rank & file members of Labour. Failed librarian’s, Parachuted onto Boards as a sop/reward for sycophantic lemming behaviour for Labour.

    I wonder how she would fare in the real commercial world?

    I guess once a patsy for Labour, just keep shrilling for them in the hope that one day, if Labour ever get a return to government, her loyal shrilling will be rewarded by an un-ending Public Service where plenty more “Jobs for the shrillers” will be on offer.

    If one can buy citizenship off Labour for a paltry $15K political donation, when being hounded by Interpol – and you have several aliases where no one even needs to know your real name – I wonder how much it would take to “earn” a senior management or Board appointment with a Labour government?

    No wonder there’s such an issue with leadership in NZ….

    • Dave

      Bloke. As sad as this is, she is better qualified than many labour politicians, and just about all other Labour appointed execs. What were her Qualifications apart from breathing??

      • blokeintakapuna

        female mouth piece willing to be a mouthpiece probably Dave…

      • Guest2

        This one is going to sit nicely with Andrew Littles ” employers are parasites” comment come election time. Where is Mr Little anyway – he has been very quiet

  • Graeme Edgeler

    Section 171(2)(f) of the Education Act in effect requires an appointee of the CTU and another of the Employers’ Federation to University Boards.

    • owl

      Thanks Graeme aware of the section but don’t you think a 2/3 attendance record over two years and then happy to tweet about your government who allows you to sit in such important positions doesn’t make logical sense. Tweeting is short-hand blogging…if you don’t attend meetings which you are appointed to do then you can’t be tweeting expert advice. I think the annual reports should stipulate why non attendance

    • blokeintakapuna

      Yep – along with the RMA and various Employment Acts – this is just another one of Labour’s featherbedding attmepts. Compulsory Student unions another…
      Please National – reform these parasitic pieces of legislation that encourages others to benefit off of the hard work of others…

  • Andrewo

    Since National is behaving like a limp ‘Too Little Too Late’ party, there is likely plenty of room for a party which:
    Officially recognises that NZ is a MULTI cultural society
    Ends the treaty settlement rip-off
    Removes all references to the Treaty in the RMA and similar legislation
    Removes the Maori parliamentary seats because they are now redundant
    Shutting down all the race and sex based ministries
    Not Maori bashing or being racist – just accepting that it’s time to move on
    My guess is that such a party would romp into parliament!

    • Richard McGrath

      Andrew, for years Libz has advocated replacing implementation of the Treaty and the RMA with decisions based on centuries-old common law; and abolishing race-based seats not only in parliament but in local bodies as well as the Race Relations Office/Conciliator. Please remember us at the next election!

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Libertarianz reckon there’s a gap for a party to downsize govt and cut public spending. Sorry chaps, National’s got that one covered. “….Fantastic……I personally am glad someone has finally taken the over fed beast (public service [misnomer]) and put it on a diet. Even started some liposuction to reduce it’s size….Horray for National!!! As for brenda…..I hope you are sucked out with the rest of the fat……….(head) union idiots.

  • BJ

    So here we have a director of a company, who is critisizing one of the shareholders/her employer publically. I am sure, quite aside from breaching the company’s code of conduct, she is breaking Company Act rules in relation to being a director of a company. She needs to be pulled up on this.

  • Richard McGrath

    I’m not sure whether Brenda is aware that the Nats don’t have any meaningful commitment to reducing government spending. Bill English is still borrowing and spending about a third of a billion dollars a week and has made no significant cuts to public spending. Libertarianz wants to see whole government departments and ministries either closed or farmed out to the private sector. We are the only political group interested in making the necessary changes to stop the rot.

    • owl

      Are you giving me a seat in parliament then if you win? The owl enjoys process…maybe WO could be your Minister of Business Development and Hunting and Recreation. Maybe you could write to Brenda and ask her to publicly explain her position

      • engineer

        You have missed the point owl, there wouldn’t be Minister of Business Development and Hunting and Recreation under Libertarianz. Could also have less MP’s due to the fact that there would be nothignf or them to do.

        • Owl

          True …

  • Cadwallader

    A few years ago there was a Matthew Pilott contributing on the Standard. Is he related to this one?

  • GregM

    Bet you two bucks when Helen Kelly is MP for Rongotai, this one will get her old job.