Chaos and mayhem

David Farrar’s little read travel and arts blog has caused a bit of insurrection in the ranks of NZ First. Can you imagine the chaos if he tried just a bit harder:

NZ First has been embroiled in infighting after a blog slammed the performance of some of its MPs, leaked party emails show.

Internal emails, passed on to The Press, have revealed discord within the party, with Christchurch MP Denis O’Rourke among those attacking their Whip and the party’s board.

The emails relate to a post by website Kiwiblog that used a range of statistics to rank Opposition MPs.

The rankings placed Canterbury NZ First MPs O’Rourke and Richard Prosser in the bottom five for the third quarter of 2012, along with colleague Asenati Taylor.

NZ First Whip Barbara Stewart emailed the rankings to the caucus on October 4.

She said they showed “how others are judging you”.

O’Rourke and former North Shore mayor Andrew Williams hit back, criticising the rankings and Stewart’s decision to email them out.

O’Rourke said the rankings were “not even remotely interesting or relevant” and were “utter nonsense”.

“I find it hard to believe that anyone with any brains would actually take any notice of a stupid Right-wing blog site,” he said.

“If NZ First really thinks this nonsense is important then God help it.”

Williams said Stewart’s decision to place importance on the rankings was “a sad inditement [sic] on you as Whip and of this party”.

“[Q]uite frankly I do not want to receive these ‘nanny’ type sermons from you. Have better things to do than be preached at.”

In response, Stewart warned the MPs that their performance had been noticed by the NZ First board.

“The number of contributions or lack of – that you make . . . is also being noticed. A picture is being created about you!”

Andrew Williams is just annoyed that his precious piss drinking time is now being eaten up answer questions from pesky reporters doing their job. Some NZ First MPs certainly seem to not enjoy the cold hard facts being presented.

I am just amazed that this far into the parliamentary term that Andrew Williams hasn’t been caught pissing on any trees. Perhaps I should up the bounty?


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  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Until today, I’d never heard of those people (except Williams, of course). Tell me, are they all old and senile as well?

  • Gazzaw

    The NZ First MPs seem to be a pathetic collection. It was particularly noticeable yesterday in the House after Peters’ expulsion. O’Rourke had to fill in and was severely lacking. Who is the little old lady that sits next to Peters?

  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep – and this is the “stable” third of the 3-headed medusa cluster-fuck from the left.
    Just wait for the side-shows as each faction in each camp thinks they have the ability to rule the roost… and it all just ends up a big cock up like only the political left can create.
    As Labour implode in the stench of corrupt self-serving giant ego’s, The Greens will be watching, encouraging, fueling the internal warring, waiting to surpass Labour in the polls. Winnie will be thinking he can be King maker again, trying to play them all.
    National will just get on with things that matter as the left fall over themselves trying to out-do the other, creating bigger fiasco’s than a mouse in a tampon factory – and all National have to do is keep on being credible, offering solutions and policies… and just watch the left implode upon themselves lusting after the baubles of power that will elude them all…

  • pukakidon

    What do you mean, there are others in the Winston First Party?

  • WayneO

    Andrew Williams – “(I) Have better things to do than be preached at.”

    What things Andrew, what do you have that is better to do? You are as useless as tits on a bull.

  • thor42

    Those MPS are f**king USELESS.
    The only one I’ve heard of is that Asenati whats-his-face, and **that’s** only because I remember seeing the unusual name on election night.
    If NZ First’s MPs were replaced with cardboard cutouts, they’d do a far better job and be far cheaper to maintain.

  • Lofty

    At least one of them thinks he is a “real” MP…poor deluded sod.

    He is building a platform on rotten sleepers, he doesn’t have to look far…his unelected mates fit the bill.

  • parorchestia

    Boy, what a condemnation of MMP.