Chart of the Day

The Owl was challenged yesterday by a responder on the constitutional crisis with regards to the Nurses Organisation with their links to the Labour Party and how that contradicts section 6.10.1.

The Owl makes it very clear he supports the nurses who made their complaint to Family First and hopes the executive makes a good effort to hear their complaint.

However the logic steps I took were to show that yes indeed the NZNO do support political campaigns and the NZNO website clearly shows links and slogans relating to the NZCTU and Labour policies.

Even more the members are encouraged to link to You Tube and watch the Union Report.

So there is not a mad rush by the general public to increase their broadband I have graphed the YouTube viewing statistics of the Union Report. (One episode had the NZNO on talking about Asset Sales) It is rough but in the absence of any other meaningful statistics it is all we have.

To put this into perspective Susan Boyle’s audition has 83,000,000 views while a NZ info commercial selling Manuka Honey Face Mask has 26,097 which was launched 1 week ago on You Tube.


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  • Doug

    The Whale amounts to 50% of their views that’s good to know.

  • tarkwin

    Morris dancing muppets would get more viewers.