Clarkson is right

Jeremy Clarkson reckons that Britain is a nation of 62 million complete and utter bastards. He is dead right, they are:

Jeremy Clarkson branded Britain a nation of ‘utter b*****ds’ after Twitter trolls mocked him over the death of his dog.

Jeremy Clarkson has never been known to hold his tongue, but now he has insulted everyone in Britain branding the whole country ‘complete and utter b*stards.’

Clarkson went on to say that Brits invented torture and slavery and sent the White Russians to be slaughtered by Stalin.

“Outwardly, we hated communist Russia; inwardly, it’s what 95 per cent of the country wants,” he said.

Writing in Top Gear magazine, Clarkson made the comments after claiming he was he was inundated with abuse and jokes when he Tweeted about the death of his black Labrador Whoopi.

Clarkson, wrote: “A few moments ago , my dog died, and, as an experiment, I announced the fact on Twitter.

“Now, everyone must have known that when a family pet is put down, the family in question is bound to be upset.

“So you’d expect a bit of sympathy. And, in America, that’s what you’d get.

“Not in Britain, though. Moments after I posted my Tweet, a man called Ryan Paisey asked: “How does she smell?”

Clarkson said another man had said the news was ‘kinda funny.’

Another Twitter user Phil May wanted to know if it was James May’s fault, and Tom Green said simply: “Good”.

Clarkson said within five minutes he had suffered a ‘tirade of abuse.’

He added: “Britain is a nation of 62 million complete and utter b*****ds. We are the country that invented the concentration camp, and international slavery.

“Hanging, drawing, quartering: that was us too. And who was it that sent the White Russians home to be slaughtered by Stalin? Yup. Us.

“Outwardly, we hated communist Russia; inwardly, it’s what 95 per cent of the country wants .

“Bankers, Estate Agents, Politicians, Journalists. Anyone in a suit is basically evil and must, after they’ve been sacked, go to prison.

“Anyone in a donkey jacket? They’re basically good and must have a plasma television immediately.”


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  • CJA

    Having been in the UK for four years I got to like Jeremy Clarkson and also am a big fan of Top Gear. I think he has made his point regarding Twitter. The things that he says at times are inflammatory but generally speaking are usually 100% correct and what most people are thinking but are never brave enough to say.

  • bristol

    Politically incorrect Clarkson says it how it is, and good on him. However, he forgot to mention Britain’s scandalous treatment of Jewish refugees in 1948.

  • 2ndAmendment

    “Outwardly, we hated communist Russia; inwardly, it’s what 95 per cent of the country wants .

    Which is why the UK – like NZ – is still effectively a communist country when Russia abandoned communism many years ago!

    • blazer

      how can you bear it?Russia today is a great example of crony capitalism…a cruder version of the U.S template.

  • kiwidon

    Lest we forget – the Brits invented the concentration camp concept when punishing the Boers……….

    • Neil

      Ummm no? Invented concentration camps? Maybe they invented the name…but that’s it.

      • kiwidon

        Ummm yes!

      • j_j

        I suggest you do a bit of reading, Neil, before insulting any saffer readers further.

        • Neil

          How is that insulting you? We were talking about the name…. to assume I support the animal treatment of your ancestors is as much an insult as what you’ve accused me of.

          • j_j

            You’ve not insulted me. I’m not a saffer. All you’ve done, as far as I’m concerned, is show some ignorance. kiwidon said “The Brits invented the concentration camp” and you didn’t agree with that. I suggested you read up on the history because I think you will find they did in fact create them in SA and they were rather unpleasant places to be. It’s still a fairly sour note in SA’s history.

          • Neil

            I’ll use smaller words in future then. Read up on history indeed. The Brits didn’t invent/create concentration camps. Their use of animal like enclosure and foul treatment of innocent people was not new to history when they did it – as I said.

          • botti

            You’re dismissing their use against the boers aren’t you? I’m not surprised they’re a little annoyed.

          • Neil


          • botti

            Huh? What is b8llshit?

  • Neil

    Sounds like what Jim Richards called Australian fans at Bathurst a few years ago….

  • steve and monique

    And they were responsible for that fucking treaty of ours.Yup COMPLETE BASTARDS.

  • EER

    Ummm… Clarkson? Why bother tweeting personal stuff like that? Trolling for sympathy is just going to get you the wrong sort of attention.