Crim Hugging Judge Give Burglar a Cuddle

A Judge has told a  scumbag with 439 convictions that prison clearly is not working, so gives him a pitifully short sentence.

One of New Zealand’s most prolific burglars – with 388 convictions to his name – has been sent back to jail, but is hopeful he can change his ways.

Allan Tremain Adams, 41, added two more burglaries to his bulging list on April 17 when he broke into Autocraft in Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North.

He got away with nothing after activating the alarm but then broke into the Willard Rest Home in Russell St and stole $1200 of petty cash.

Blood stains found at the two premises led police to Adams, who was released from his previous prison sentence late last year.

In Palmerston District Court yesterday, he was sent back for two years and nine months on two charges of burglary and one of breaching parole.

Adams has 439 convictions in total and began offending when he was 12 years old and committed arson.

Mr Flinn [prosecutor] asked the judge to impose a sentence that would give the public a break from Adams for a long time.

‘‘Protection of society has got to be a significant factor in the court’s analysis.’’

But Judge Atkins said he needded to consider whether Adams could be rehabilitated, noting that prison sentences on their own had not been working.

Wake the fuck up you tenured tosspot.

He cannot burgle when he is prison and close to 30 years of offending has shown he is NEVER going to stop doing it so LOCK HIM UP FOR THE MAXIMUM TIME YOU CAN.

We need to have a serious look at judges in this country, they are in jobs for life with what appears to be no recourse for poor or perverse performance. We are talking about performance pay for teachers, how about the same for judges?

How many times this year have we all gasped in shock at some of  the decisions coming out of our court system.



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  • Brian Smaller

    The good judge has obviously never had to feel the effects of his home having been burgled. His wife refusing to sleep another night in the place because she feels unsafe, or the fear of the burglars returning in six weeks when everything they have stolen has been replaced by insurance. What a cunt.

  • Zephyr Cobalt

    I agree Cam. Judges need to be accountable. For far too long they have lived in their ivory towers dreaming of an idealistic world where really bad guys miraculously become good guys with lots of cuddles and kisses. Trouble is that thought is just a theory that only encourages crims to increase their level of offending. I’m sure the red devils mc wannabees are laughing at the judiciary system all the way to their next meth lab.
    Best option for the burglar is to chop off his hands then give him a hug and cuddle … that’s what I call tough love.

  • Liberal judges are as big a menace to society as the recidivist crooks they constantly allow back on to the streets.

    They also constantly white ant the Police.

    Long past time they were made much more aware that their primary responsibility is not to mollycoddle crims, but to keep law abiding New Zealanders safe.

  • sadu

    Its fucked up that one can accumulate that many convictions and not be locked away indefinitely or put in the chair. I honestly have no problem with the death penalty for anyone who has more than say 50 convictions. There is zero chance of accidentally executing the wrong guy, as anyone with that many convictions is a through and through scumbag. How and why do we tolerate this?

  • Exclamation Mark

    Keep it up Judge Atkins, the more of this sort of bullshit that happens the sooner people are going to give up on our justice system and known shitheads like Allan Tremain Adams will just start disappearing from our streets, never to be heard from again.

    Further to all of this, I was enraged this morning to read the whining bollocks from our judges this morning in the Herald about how hard it is for them to be publicly criticised – cry me a river you unbelieveavble out of touch cock-sockets.

    Justice Winkelmann even had the mindblowing nerve to say:”If judges do make mistakes these can be corrected on appeal. That is a safeguard against error.”

    Well tell that to Christie Marceau’s greiving parents you waffling old cunt.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Stupid soft cock Judge. I hope you are reading this. Because if he had not been locked up for the short time that he was he would have carried out even more burglaries. So obviously prison did work. We could have dropped his burglary count by locking him up for longer earlier.

  • Mitch82

    I’ve been thinking about an idea for some time now – having Judges performance reviewed annually by their local communities. For example, the Judge in this example as his community performance review at the end of the year, the community looks at this and other cases, says “Well you’re not doing nearly enough to protect our community, out you go”.

    Could something like this work?

  • nasska

    The judges have been coming in for a bit of flak over sentencing decisions recently & some of it is well placed. It pays to remember though that Parliament sets the tariff for various crimes & the judges sentence accordingly. On another forum David Garrett gave his interpretation of the various laws the judiciary operate under.

    ….”A classic is the Sentencing Act and the Parole Act 2002 – pre amendment. While the latter contains ONE LINE putting the safety of the community first – and that was only inserted after a fight – the rest of the Act can be paraphrased as “let them out just as soon as possible.”

    The Sentencing Act – again pre amendment – was even worse. It could be paraphrased as “you [judges] must give the most lenient sentence it is possible to give …although you must give some consideration to public safety.” By and large – aside from 3S – the amendments the Nats have made are tinkering rather than substantive…such as changing the phrase “real risk” to “risk” as the test for granting bail to adults.”…..

    These Acts were passed by Dear Leader & the last Labour government. If we want to change the way criminals are dealt with by the courts it may be time to whisper words like “public safety” & “re-election chances” in the shell like ears of your local MPs.

  • SaggyNaggy

    Elected judges. Problem solved.

    • Gazzaw

      Are you serious Saggy? Look at the numpties that we have in parliament & on our councils.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Yes but at least we can vote them out.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes Saggy I agree.

      Accountability and transparency. All Judges and the chief Prosecutor and local Police chiefs should all be elected officials.

      Anyone that fails to perform to societies expectations will simply not be reelected.

      Every 3 years or so we would get to review someone’s performance and decide who best to represent us. The Police chief should have budgetary control and the ability to hire and fire. Budgets being allocated on a per capita basis by central Government.

  • cows4me

    Judgements like this have more to do with the progressive Marxists movement. Judge’s are appointed politically and their attitudes and rulings reflect the ideology of those in power. It would have been interesting to see the judgement of this judge had the offender been caught and beaten to with an inch of his life by his 389th victim. I suspect the judge would have made a statement and ruling that would have gotten everyone pissed off again. So why are judges so lenient in cases like this. Simply they wish to change society by crating such disorder the people demand greater controls on the population. The end result is greater government control and tighter and tighter restrictions on free society.

  • out2lunch

    I hope that judge Atkins has his house burgled by the same man, and that the torment of the event wakes that dopey old fart up into the real world. It’s the same attitude where they let off a 26th time drink driver, because there is the vague notion that they can be ‘reformed’. Does it take harm or death for the penny to drop? Some of those judges can barely see past their crooked nose. If that limp wristed fool has so much faith in ‘reformation’ he should sign his name to be personally liable for the cost to any property damaged or stolen by Allan Tremain Adams.

  • Dave

    Judges should face questioning from victims of further crime, committed by a serious criminal that they let off lightly, or out on bail. In the private sector, if we stuff something up, we know about it, and ultimately, it costs people their jobs. Unfortunately, the independence of the Judiciary has also come to mean, they are beyond reproach, or subject to anyone else’s standards except their own.

    Granted, they uphold the laws of the land, and make Case Law, but there is a time they need to step up to the plate, and read public sentiment into the sentences they are handing out.

    After all, they are just very senior Public Servants.

  • Richard McGrath

    FFS this was an opportunity to keep this POS away from law abiding people. Good on you WO for publicising these soft cock sickly wet ‘liberal’ judges.