Crim Hugging Judge Give Burglar a Cuddle

A Judge has told a ?scumbag with 439 convictions that prison clearly is not working, so gives him a pitifully short sentence.

One of New Zealand?s most prolific burglars ? with 388 convictions to his name ? has been sent back to jail, but is hopeful he can change his ways.

Allan Tremain Adams, 41, added two more burglaries to his bulging list on April 17 when he broke into Autocraft in Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North.

He got away with nothing after activating the alarm but then broke into the Willard Rest Home in Russell St and stole $1200 of petty cash.

Blood stains found at the two premises led police to Adams, who was released from his previous prison sentence late last year.

In Palmerston District Court yesterday, he was sent back for two years and nine months on two charges of burglary and one of breaching parole.

Adams has 439 convictions in total and began offending when he was 12 years old and committed arson.

Mr Flinn [prosecutor] asked the judge to impose a sentence that would give the public a break from Adams for a long time.

??Protection of society has got to be a significant factor in the court?s analysis.??

But Judge Atkins said he needded to consider whether Adams could be rehabilitated, noting that prison sentences on their own had not been working.

Wake the fuck up you tenured tosspot.

He cannot burgle when he is prison and close to 30 years of offending has shown he is NEVER going to stop doing it so LOCK HIM UP FOR THE MAXIMUM TIME YOU CAN.

We need to have a serious look at judges in this country, they are in jobs for life with what appears to be no recourse for poor or perverse performance. We are talking about performance pay for teachers, how about the same for judges?

How many times this year have we all gasped in shock at some of? the decisions coming out of our court system.