Cupid’s Measles

Watch out Gisborne, Hamilton and Whangarei…the super clap is coming:

THE ”clap” is making a comeback, and experts say it is only a matter of time before superbug strains of the sexually transmitted infection reach Australian shores.

Diagnosis of gonorrhoea is up 50 per cent in the past five years, and already about 4 per cent of cases could be resistant to the common antibiotic used to treat it, government figures show.

An associate professor at the University of Queensland who is developing a world-first test for antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea, David Whiley, said two strains of gonorrhoea that were resistant to all antibiotics had also been found internationally.

The first form was in Japan, while the second was found in France and soon after jumped to Spain.

“It’s basically just a matter of time before we see it globally and in Australia,” he said.


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  • Scanner

    Can you catch it from a Swiss ball?

    • phronesis

      not from sitting on one.

    • Gazzaw

      Sure can – it’s a form called ‘goner-rear’. Quite prevalent in Rongotai.

      • Scanner

        Especially when there is a “Full Moon”

  • Rodger T

    “It’s basically just a matter of time before we see it globally and in Australia,” he said.

    I always knew Australia was on another planet. LoL

  • cows4me

    Well they be vaccinating all the sheep?

  • Lofty

    Can’t be worse than the time I was sprung having a lovely delicious root with a friend when her hubbie busted in……..oh fuck I thought..,,,,,,,,,,,….I am a goner ere!