Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

Friday October 5th

Not a good day. Felt so pissed off about Ed Balls I rang him up and reminded him that his father used to play in the colliery band. Ed and I go back a long way, we met on the International Union of Socialist Youth in the eighties, I think on the Riveria Cruise sponsored by the ILO. He was such a charming man back then, and told me a moving story about his poor old pa who lost a leg in a mining accident when a scab belted him with a lead pipe when they were striking for better conditions. I later found out this was just a pick up line, his father was an academic.

Ed told me that it was all ok, he would stall any cuts to and that he was going to try to get me a speaking slot at a big Labour conference and sing along next year to explain how to increase union membership as Minister for Labour. He promised to take me to Marx?s Tomb, which is luck as now Helen?s ?Shed Fund? cant pay for me to go I was unsure if I would ever see it.

Lunch no good, SPS mugged by Big Gerry again, had to make do with some stale sandwiches I picked up in the koru lounge to take to the food bank later tonight.