Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

Wednesday October 3

Not a good day. Had journalists ringing all night and all day about my decision to let that battler Mike Tyson in to the country. Don’t they know he is a working class hero, lifted himself from the gutter despite the best efforts of the boss class to keep him down. Boxing is the workers sport too.

Why shouldn’t he come in to the country? After all we let tory party bosses get away with showing a woman the back of his hand. Bloody John Key looks like he has meddled in MY decision. Now I’ve had to reverse it. Poor Mike, I’ll email him an apology.

The sausage rolls in Bellamy’s a way past even Big Gerry’s use by date. Feel a little queasy.


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  • Dave

    Thanks to Whale, I always look forward to my daily dose of Comrad Kate.

    Better that the cartoons in the Horrid.

  • Lion King

    If this cock-up by Wilkinson doesn’t make Key want to reshuffle her out of her Ministerial roles then God knows what actually will. But then again where is Nathan Guy the real minister of immigration in all of this???