Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

That little prick Rodney needs a good kick in the arse. He keeps going on about unions in that tory rag he writes for, and he doesn’t know how damaging it is to me to have him rabbiting on stuff he knows nothing about. Of course I haven’t made a decision about Section 6A, why would I, it is protecting our union comrades brilliantly, and Crest will lower my union membership numbers if I make a decision.

Rodney should remember his roughneck roots, and how the unions protected him on the rigs and at the ports. Unions built this country and his unhelpful comments are making my job much more difficult. Maybe I should talk to Hekia about getting him a job, she is so good at finding jobs for our opponents.

Had a temper tantrum at SPS for getting in non-union labourers to fix the bathroom door after Big Gerry busted in yesterday. Had to swipe some food from the dumpster out the back to take to the food bank, lord knows they need it. Good sing along with the gritty, earthy types who do so much good down there. They gave me a second hand copy of the little red songbook last Christmas, it is so nice to be appreciated.


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  • jokeintakapuna

    yes blah blah rodney hide blah blah…But really has the fat little cockroach done anything usefull in his piss poor time in act ….no he only found out that sucking a great salery out of the poor old worker to feed his fat gut and take him overseas on tax paying trips for him and his sidekicks trolls or whatever the fuck you wish to call them..rodney…..you are a dog