Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

Bloody rednecks at Fish and Game want me to make a decision about something. I told them to bugger off, am too busy protecting poor Helen and her shed fund. Bloody rednecks, all they care about is shooting things, they don?t understand I am way too busy increasing union membership to worry about their sordid little lives and grubby blood thirsty hobbies.

Was accosted in the Koru lounge by some odious little man who bore a?passing?resemblance?to a meerkat, he didn?t understand how important I am and that I was signing up Koru staff for the SFWU with the forms that nice Andrew Little gave me. Had to tell him to piss off when he started talking about a members bill making it illegal for union branches to hide their funds. I mean who is he to take such an unreasonable position? Was a little embarrassed when my SPS later told me he was MP for Coromandel. Have sent a memo to the chief of staff telling him to make these bloody newbies wear name badges, I mean how are we supposed to recognise them?

Going to a singalong tonight with our comrades from the Maritime Union. They always have a good BBQ and some rousing union anthems.