Disaster? What Disaster?

It is so obviously a huge disappointment to the hair-shirt-wearing doomsayers that the Bay of Plenty coast is just fine, and the Rena oil spill did not result in the end of the world as we know it.

Water in the Bay of Plenty, which was almost devastated by the oil which poured out of the stranded container ship Rena, has returned to its former purity.

Scientists have examined more than 30,000 samples from the area and today announced that levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from the oil have almost disappeared.

As I predicted from Day One, the dopey skipper who smacked his container ship into Astrolabe Reef would not cause “New Zealand’s Worst Environmental Disaster” and the greatest economic harm to the local community was caused by the shrieking loons who drove holidaymakers away from the coast.

But still the busy-body environmentalists collect the cash from picking apart every healthy mussel in the hopes of finding a drop of oil:

“The long-term environmental impacts are not known, and further study is to be carried out”

I’ll give you the result for free: there is no environmental damage and you will get a better feed of shellfish and fish from the reef next season than you did before the mutt ran his boat aground while he was giving the cabin boy one in the chook.

The Greens of course are devastated, and they are resorting to the time-honoured technique of “estimates” to count the number of seagulls that karked because of Rena:

“Over 2000 birds were found dead, which represents an estimated tenth of the total bird deaths from the spill.”

Bollocks. 1,448 birds died from oil. The few other dead birds collected probably died from old age, or from being clumsily handled by greenies.

250,000 birds died in one natural storm the previous year.


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  • stanman

    Agree- the bulk of the birds were not killed by oil.
    I have had first hand confirmation from a very senior environment officer (and well and truly a greenie) that there were no more birds lost due to this than would be lost annually to drift net fishing in the area. The whole thing was overblown -as usual

    Look at the beaches on the news-they are pristine..hardly an environmental disaster !

  • BENIsLAND.co.nz

    Least we forget, the “disaster” created many, many, temporarily very high-paying jobs. All those people out on sea, pumping out, stabilizing, cleaning and what not, made a killing salary. In turn, they spent their money buying things, thus creating an even greater cash flow. yes, some tourism companies down in the Bay of Plenty might have suffered financially, but more money was created and spread around communities than one would naively think.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Disaster. Natural or man made or technological hazard resulting in an event of substantial extent causing significant physical damage or destruction, loss of life, or drastic change to the environment.
    Let’s see now:
    1. Significant physical damage or destruction? that would be none.
    2. Significant loss of life? let me count them, umm, anyone for…. none.
    3. Drastic change to the environment? 1,500 dead birds (more ducks get shot in the shooting season than this), beaches back to normal. No tick in that box either.
    Disaster? What disaster. Greens and Labour crying wolf. For a change.

  • Patrick

    Chicken Little – The Sky is Falling. That is the greenies modus operandi. Then sit back & collect the cash donated from the liberal hand wringing do gooders. The reality is one boat with a bit of diesel fuel is literally a drop in the ocean. So a few containers washed up, go out & clean up the sh1te & move on, there is no environmental apocalypse to be found here. This incident was heaven sent as far as the greenies were concerned, just what they needed to raise their profile & get the donations rolling in.
    The likes of Goff loved it too – what a photo opportunity, quick get some gumboots & a shovel, call the press NZ Labour leader Goff is on the beaches defending the NZ coastline. What a bunch of tossers.

  • cows4me

    The greater disaster for NZ is the amount of time and wasted energy put into appeasing these Melon fucktards. What are the Melons in the polls, 7% ? Time after time projects are halted, lawful business are harassed because a small minority are given way to much sway. Want to live in a go ahead country, usually you have to get on a plane. The Melons moan about job losses and a weak wage economy but do their very utmost to keep it this way. They’re scum pure and simple and those that appease them are not much better.