Dodgy Union Boss charged

Craig Thomson has been charged:

FAIR Work Australia has laid charges against independent MP Craig Thomson, alleging he broke industrial laws and union rules in splurging hundreds of thousands dollars of union funds on prostitutes, spousal travel, and high living.

FWA spokeswoman Diana Lloyd confirmed to The Australian that civil charges were filed in the Federal Court this morning, and are due to be served on Mr Thomson.

Ms Lloyd said FWA would be seeking “pecuniary penalties, as well as compensation” from Mr Thomson.

The move follows FWA’s three year investigation into allegations Mr Thomson, when he was Health Services Union national secretary between 2002 and 2007, misused his union credit cards for cash advances without receipts, the services of escort agencies, and air tickets for his then wife Krista…

Victorian police are examining whether the alleged misspending of union funds by Mr Thomson constitutes fraud.

NSW police Strike Force Carnarvon is examining allegations raised by Ms Jackson and other union officials claiming Mr Thomson, and Mr Williamson, received secret commissions in the form of credit cards on the account of a graphic designer who had a $680,000 a year contract with the union, John Gilleland.


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  • blazer

    great to hear.His feeble excuses were so implausible they were insulting.

  • Captain Crab

    Hooray. There’s an election coming. The smears against Abbott have stepped up big time but Labors lies won’t matter . Their corrupt incompetent union poodle govt will be out on its arse.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Why did it take 5 years to eventually get this case to this stage?
    Is it because the sitting government stalled, sheltered aided and abetted a known felon to remain in government?
    Are there not penalties and laws against profiteering from the proceeeds of crime?

  • TNA

    Don’t forget that the Tax office are after him too;

  • Gazzaw

    Thomson’s a gonna now. Now that it’s all on the associated parties to this scandal will turn on Thomson to protect their own privileged arses. It will be a feeding frenzy. The biggest danger for Thomson is probably the lengths that the Aussie ‘underbelly’ will go to to keep incriminating evidence out of court.

    • kiwidon

      Spot on Gazzaw – brings to mind the the Clinton’s and the Whitewater scandal!