Does Ian Leckie ever listen to himself?

And has he ever been in any school.

Ian Leckie contradicts himself and knowingly misuses statistics to air his preconceptions and prejudices:

Leckie said there “isn’t a shred of evidence” that charter schools “make any difference to the education system”.

“In the United States only one in five, 19%, are actually better off than their state school counterparts,” he said.

“New Zealand’s world leadership is already meeting this absolute need.”

So the failure rate of lower SES, Maori and PI students meets some kind of absolute need.

There isn’t a “shred” of evidence but then he quotes a statistic to show that, done well, Charter Schools can make a difference. And clearly he hasn’t read the reports/research properly (unless he is lying).

Are primary teachers really happy being represented by this?

John Tamihere, meanwhile, talks sense.

“If Mr Leckie thinks that his education system is working in west Auckland he should come out here and visit us. That’s simply not true,” he said.

“We know that up to 50% of Maori boys, particularly, will not be able to participate in NCEA One courses.

“We’ve got to lift the opportunity, particularly coming from primary schools into secondary schools.”


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  • conwaycaptain

    Saw thje second of the Charter Schools item on Close up last night. The intervieweer asked the questions and let the Principals answer. Leckie cant see the wood from the trees. As I have said before the most inspirational teachers I have had havent been “qualified teachers”

    • Gazzaw

      Spot on CC. I recall at secondary school in the 60s when there was a teacher shortage (baby boomer time) our relieving maths teacher was a retired White Russian professor. Must have been in his late 70s & he was bloody brilliant – never taught at school before his family came to NZ after WW2 as refugees. There seemed to be all sorts of extramural teachers brought in at that time, their strengths were life experience and a passion for their specialist subject. Classes of 35+ never seemed to be a problem.

  • DavidW

    That was a shocking item on Close-up. Sainsbury set JT up and gave Leckie an opportunity to rant and froth at the mouth. JT kept his cool but when the time came for him to be given a chance to return serve, the item was shut down to make time for something meaningless and so forgettable that I can’t remember what it was. No wonder the walrus is finished, he had an opportunity to create some really interesting and meaningful discussion on an important topic and totally, really totally blew it big time.

    • jabba

      Sainsbury was poor but better than Campbell .. maybe Kimdottycom has promised to sponser his advance into poltics

      • Gazzaw

        I thought that the McGillicuddy Serious Party was a thing of the past jabba.

  • jabba

    Leckie had a shocker on the show and JT would have upset many union/leftie types defending charter schools

  • Bunswalla

    Sadly, Leckie has been in a school. He was Principal of Tahatai Coast Primary School in Papamoa and both my children went there. He was a complete cock then and has only gotten worse. His leaving to take the NZEI job improved the immediate fortunes of THPS but unfortunately he’s now wreaking havoc on the whole profession – doubtless adversely impacting the educational opportunties of hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren.
    It would have been far better if he exited the industry altogether.

    • Gazzaw

      Probably couldn’t get a job Buns.

  • Mediaan

    Leckie talks about evidence, but I don’t ever see any produced. Can anyone tell me where I find it?

  • Goldie

    If the state schools are so bloody wonderful, then why is Leckie threatened by the choice of charter schools?