Doesn’t want the media limelight?

Keith Ng says that he reluctantly named his source…I mean who does that anyway…that is another story…because he “isn’t interested in being the media limelight“:

So. The guy who tipped me off is Ira Bailey. He was one of the Urewera 17. He currently works as a system administrator, has a young child, and is not interested in being the media limelight. That’s why he asked for anonymity.

Yes here he was in 2009 actively seeking the limelight:

Environmental activists intend to block roads and enter buildings in Wellington in an attempt to demand immediate action on climate change.

Camp for Climate Action Aotearoa will set up a camp in Upper Hutt next week, aiming to attract about 250 protesters.

Participants Claire Dann and Michal Lelen said direct action was one of the camp’s four main aims.

Ms Dann said: “When we’re talking about climate change, the urgency warrants direct action.”

Action would include street theatre, road blockades and entering buildings, but non-violence would be a bottom line.



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  • 2ndAmendment

    Not an “activist” – a terrorist. Certainly an economic terrorist, but as a member of Tame’s Army, an actual terrorist as well.

    That’s why we have the STG, right? And the Anti-terrorism Act?

    • Neil

      If the systems were secure then this wouldn’t even be a story – Anti-terrorism you surely jest mate….we’re not a fascist state yet – lets not head that way O/K?

      • pukakidon

        You are right Neil, this is absolute incompetence by the CIO. However it was also introduced as a political attack by the Liarbour party. It is a shame that they have to resort to blaming the government when it is a problem with the management of these governmental departments.

        It would be good if Liarbour would focus on the real issues rather than try to make stuff up and associate it with Key or the National party. It is becoming a drag when they constantly blame or accuse people without any foundation, goes back to the day of the Salem Witch hunts.

        • Neil

          And those comments I absolutely agree with.

    • Dave

      There is a fine line between Pleasure and Pain, Genius and Madness, and….. Activist and Terrorist. And also between honest intentions and THEFT. He crossed the line.

  • davidp

    Is this the same Ira Bailey…

    “On another seized hard drive was an exchange between Ira Bailey and
    Kemara discussing “fireworks”, in which Bailey writes of his ears
    ringing after an explosion, even though he was 500m away. “I think it
    will easily kill someone if you chuck it in the window.””

    Maybe he was at the MSD office working out how many people he could kill if he threw a bomb in the window?

  • Name


  • Petal

    “The guy who tipped me off is Ira Bailey.”
    “….he asked for anonymity.”
    — Keith Ng

    You are a gentleman and scholar Keith Ng.

    You have have all the backbone of a sea cucumber holding a wet tissue for extra support.

  • Neil

    Love the way this has so quickly become a political shit fight – the point surely is the total lack of a coordinated and secure management of government computer networks. Why aren’t we debating that?

  • johnbronkhorst

    So in order to access these records …he needed a USB drive….what program did he DAMAGE the security with, in order to access the info? So it is not that the door was open, but more he used a skeleton key to open it. ……..Arrest him for criminal damage of a computer system and stealing information!!!!

  • ihatebarney

    One- it is not Ira in the newspaper. Nor is it his twin brother. The photo was completely mislabelled .Maybe you should do better research, a should have the journalist that wrongly identified him. Two- you are once again quoting suppressed evidence. one would have thought you might have learnt your lesson. Taken out of context completely. Three- as pointed out both by Bailey and Ng- no money has been exchanged between them and the issue was reported to WINZ without request for money but with enquiry as to whether there was a reward system

    • pukakidon

      Thats a great Tui add. I wasn’t hacking, I was there waiting for a bus! Thats about as good as I didn’t do it I was on my paper round.

  • ihatebarney

    If you cant use File>OpenFiles>My Network in word then you are retarded. Thats all it took to access. Thats why it needed to be made public. Honestly all your people not even reading the source material