Drug Cheat

Lance Armstrong is a serial drug cheat. Evidence of his cheating is now a veritable avalanche:

[T]he evidence revealed ?conclusive and undeniable proof that brings to the light of day for the first time this systemic, sustained and highly professionalized team-run doping conspiracy.?

The evidence against Armstrong features financial payments, e-mails, scientific analyses and laboratory test results that show Armstrong doped and was the kingpin of the doping conspiracy, the agency said. Several years of Armstrong?s blood values showed evidence of doping, the report said.

?It?s shocking, it?s disappointing,? said Travis Tygart, chief executive of the antidoping agency. ?But we did our job.?

Worse it was a state funded team-run doping?conspiracy.

While the criminal investigation is no more, an inquiry by the Department of Justice is continuing, sparked by Landis?s filing a federal whistle-blower lawsuit charging that Armstrong and the team management defrauded the government by using taxpayer dollars to finance the squad?s doping program.

He claimed that Armstrong and the team management were aware of the widespread doping on the team when the squad?s contract with the Postal Service clearly stated that any doping would constitute default of their agreement, said two people with knowledge of the case. Those people did not want their names published because the case is still under seal.

Landis filed the lawsuit under the False Claims Act, the people with knowledge of the matter said, and those suits give citizens the right and financial incentive to bring lawsuits on the government?s behalf.

If the government decides to join the lawsuit and recovers any money because of it, Landis will be eligible to receive a percentage of the money.

It is thought that?Landis?could scalp back around 30%.