Drug Cheat

Lance Armstrong is a serial drug cheat. Evidence of his cheating is now a veritable avalanche:

[T]he evidence revealed “conclusive and undeniable proof that brings to the light of day for the first time this systemic, sustained and highly professionalized team-run doping conspiracy.”

The evidence against Armstrong features financial payments, e-mails, scientific analyses and laboratory test results that show Armstrong doped and was the kingpin of the doping conspiracy, the agency said. Several years of Armstrong’s blood values showed evidence of doping, the report said.

“It’s shocking, it’s disappointing,” said Travis Tygart, chief executive of the antidoping agency. “But we did our job.”

Worse it was a state funded team-run doping conspiracy.

While the criminal investigation is no more, an inquiry by the Department of Justice is continuing, sparked by Landis’s filing a federal whistle-blower lawsuit charging that Armstrong and the team management defrauded the government by using taxpayer dollars to finance the squad’s doping program.

He claimed that Armstrong and the team management were aware of the widespread doping on the team when the squad’s contract with the Postal Service clearly stated that any doping would constitute default of their agreement, said two people with knowledge of the case. Those people did not want their names published because the case is still under seal.

Landis filed the lawsuit under the False Claims Act, the people with knowledge of the matter said, and those suits give citizens the right and financial incentive to bring lawsuits on the government’s behalf.

If the government decides to join the lawsuit and recovers any money because of it, Landis will be eligible to receive a percentage of the money.

It is thought that Landis could scalp back around 30%.


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  • unitedtribes

    Just read the article and still cant see any evidence, only the suggestion they have it. They say it includes lab results proving positive testing. If so why didn’t they disqualify then and there?? Always a lot of talk in this story and not much proof.

    • nzspambot

      I suggest you read this then: http://www.scribd.com/doc/109619079/Reasoned-Decision that is whole decision from the USADA

      • unitedtribes

        Have read most of this before. Still no proof. Most of it assumes that because Lance wasn’t willing to defend it he is guilty. 5 years of his life and many million dollars. Cant blame him for say “get a life” I still say were is the evidence. The real evidence that is not just the conspiracy

  • phronesis

    Armstrong claims that we should ignore his accusers because they are all proven liars as they now admit to doping themselves while previously denying they did so. It’s a stunning bit of reasoning.

    • Bunswalla

      Not really. In the immortal words of Mandy Rice-Davies (or Christine Keeler, I can never remember which), during questioning about the Profumo affair: well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

  • Bertie

    No positive drug tests (ever) versus the words of serial (under oath) liars…. Think Ill go with Lance on this one.

    • Ever heard of masking agents? No positive drug tests because he had better chemists

      • Travis Poulson

        Tour de Pharmacy.

      • Honcho

        Sounds like a conspiracy theory. I have never heard of any such agent, but it is entirely plausible, USPostal and Disco had bottomless pits of money as evidenced by the time the teams spent in wind tunnels, at the time an unbelievably expensive undertaking to extract mere seconds of performance advantage.
        The thing that i do not understand is at the time Lance was winning ‘post cancer’, WADA had developed and had in extensive use the tests that caught anyone who doped with EPO and its replacement SERA.
        I believe the bloodtests more then I believe anything that is said by the likes of Floyd Landis or Taylor Hamilton, pants down liers of questionable morals, both with their own vested interests

  • Brian Smaller

    He had over 500 tests. It belies belief that he could have ‘faked’ that many.

  • 2ndAmendment

    He won.
    The quiche eating euro-surrender-monkeys lots.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Oh FFS Whale! Lance is a well known GOP supporter.

    This story is in the NYT (Communist Union of New York House Mag); and the US “Anti-Drugs” czar is an Osama appointee; & it’s the tour of cheese-eating France.
    #MittRomney on #LanceArmstrong: Fuck you, France, I don’t care if he was riding a Harley, we’re America and we never apologize

    • Gazzaw

      Jeez AT. Have you had your meds today? You’re jumping too wildly to hasty conclusions that this is all a ‘The world is out to get Lance’ conspiracy theory.
      Ever thought that he may just be guilty? Wait until all of the evidence is produced (from both sides). _

  • Bunswalla

    “It’s shocking, and it’s disappointing, but we did our job”
    Translation: “YES!!!! I nailed the bastard! I’m a fucking hero! And I did it with NO evidence, other than the sworn testimony of proven liars and drug cheats with nothing to lose! How fucking cool am I? Kenneth Starr, eat your heart out!”

  • BENIsLAND.co.nz

    Interesting to see the two sides. Those who are now absolutely sure that Lance was a cheat and those still stating that “no evidence” has been shown. No discussion like this was or is possible after 9/11 in the USA. A bad-quality video on which allegedly Osama bin Laden allegedly claims his involvement was enough. Oh yes, there was also that UAE passport that was found. Yet, an entire building that wasn’t attacked collapsed, yet, still no single footage of a plane crash(ing) into the pentagon was released. And all the evidence brought forward that contradicts a terror attack masterminded by Osama is put aside. I’m not judging here or stating anything, all I’m doing is observing. I observe that proof or evidence is rather an emotion than rationale.

  • BG

    I’m a fan of cycling and i’ve long admired Lance Armstrong.
    The evidence is telling, especially the testimony of George Hancipie (one of the most respected riders on the tour). Whislt Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landers were both ‘caught’, big George was not. So there’s no reason to slur his own name in coming forward.
    So lance juiced (not doped, if you don’t know the difference then you shouldn’t be commenting), but did he cheat? Debatable. The IUC it seems basically allowed cyclists to get away with all that was going on by turning a blind. If you strip him of his Tour tittles then who do you give it to? Do you also take the tittles of other tour winners becuase of heresay? Migual? Eddie? I don’t think so. Personally, I think a line needs to be drawn under the tour, and let it be known that ‘what went on, is not the future.’
    The attack on lance by the head of US testing agency was personal and he seemed only in it for his own glory to nail a legends’ head on his wall? Why?
    I don’t consider Lance a cheat. Much as I don’t consider Ben Johnson a cheat. Cheating is where you derive an unfair advantage (legal or illegal) over your opponant; what they were doing was purely evening up the odds.