Face of the Day

Al Gore was awarded a Nobel Prize this day, in 2007 for his work on climate change.


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  • bristol

    Charlatan. He should give it back. Obama should, for the same reason, return his Peace Prize.

  • Scanner

    Why does he look so much like the Joker from Batman, must be because they were both thieves.

  • Kiwikea

    He has moved into stand up now – he blamed altitude and a late arrival for Obama sucking so bad last week

  • This prick has made a huge fortune talking a huge steaming pile of bullshit, good ol’ Altitude Gore.

    • engineer

      And oil, his faimily rich becasue of the back gold.

      • Thanks for reminding me, I’d forgotten about that!

      • Get a grip

        Sorry Children. Gores father was also a polititan and had interests in tobbaco farms and various other business interests.. Not oil. Altho at one time his father did own a petrol station…..

  • Chris

    Is he in Auckland today?

    • Anom


  • 2ndAmendment

    Another non-elected liberal traitor. At least America found him out before he cheated his way to the White House – unlike Osama (once) and Clinton (twice)

    • Gazzaw

      ………..& Bush (twice)

  • In Vino Veritas

    Work. Yep, the power point presentation of a collection of made up stuff and mad science must have been horrifically time consuming to put together. If making stuff up is a criteria for a Nobel, then maybe Gareth Hughes is in line for one given his efforts with the Rena? Or Shearer and Norman for the “jobs crisis”?

  • Changeiscoming

    Didn’t he create the Internet?

    • blazer

      no Benners -Lee did.

  • stanman

    what a fucken shonk

  • Apolonia

    The problem is not that a fraud like Gore won a Nobel prize, The problem is who else was nominated in 2007 and missed out.
    Irena Sendler was also nominated for the 2007 prize for her efforts in helping 2,500 children escape from the Warsaw Ghetto in WW2
    She saved the lives of thousands, was tortured by the Gestapo but didn’t get a nobel prize, it was given to a politician who made a film about a factually incorrect slideshow.

    • patriot

      Gore does not answer questions on greenhouse gas / globalwarming, as he is fraudulently bullshitting us all .

      Ask him what level of Co2 causes floods
      and what level of Co2 causes Arctic Ice summer Thaw
      and what level of Co2 caused the recent record Antarctic Ice growth.

      Answer — Gore has NO idea and could not give a Co2 ppm for any of the questions

  • Magoo

    Al Gore thinks the core of the Earth is millions of degrees:

    Or how about when he claims to have ‘created the internet’ – the offending statement is at 0.49′:

    The USA should count their lucky stars this tool never ended up being their president. He might’ve tried to cool the Earth’s core via tax, and shoveled the proceeds into his own bank account, so he could afford to invent fusion reaction and interstellar space travel next.

  • blazer

    the Nobel Prize has been degraded by awarding it to people like Gore and Obama.Bit like the Nats knighting everyone under the sun,reminiscent of Bjelke Petersons regime.

    • Patrick

      Totally agree – still cannot fathom how Cullen ended up with a gong after his clusterf*** of lying about PREFU, the shonky deal with Toll & his mismanagement of the best recent period of the NZ economy. On top of that Cullen & his mates threw out the honours system but at first drop when they were reinstated he was found at the head of the queue.
      How does all that work?

      • blazer

        very disappointing to see Cullen accept that.The ‘pomgolian’ in him I guess.Black mark on a distinguished career in politics.

        • Patrick

          sorry cannot agree with your assertion that Cullen had a distinguished career in politics unless you mean the politics of envy. He should never ever be forgiven for his “rich pricks” taunts. Especially as he rides fairly high in the saddle on top of his own (taxpayer fattened) wallet.

      • pukakidon

        Oh dear boy! Cullen is far superior to us colonials. Of course he was quite prepared to deny us poor feeble minded Kiwis the right to a gong, these obligatory awards were reserved to the landed English gentry. He is after all a Pom, and Liarbour to boot so those rules done apply to him.

  • Neil

    The Nobel Peace Prize has been a crock of the proverbial with only a few exceptions since it was first created. How many have been awarded for “bringing peace to the Middle East” and it’s still a tinder box.

    • tspoon

      Exactly. I don’t know if it became meaningless before Arafat got it, but it was definitely a sick joke forever after.

  • Exocet

    There aren’t enough fists in the word to punch that smug lying prick with.

  • Shouldn’t the title of this post been “Liberal Crap Artist of the Day”

  • pukakidon

    The face of Thievel. Haha to those who believed this con man.

  • Patrick

    would you buy a used car from this “man”?
    Bet he has gallons of snake oil for sale as well