First World Problems aren’t problems

First World Problems aren’t real problems:

In the film, people living in poverty read off some #FirstWorldProblems from their own homes and neighborhoods, effectively highlighting the “real” problems of the world.

It’s a promotion from ad agency DDB NY for WaterIsLife, the organization behind a portable filtration device designed to instantly provide clean drinking water from any source.

According to WaterIsLife, their straw “has proven to be effective against waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, guinea worm, and diarrhea, and removes particles as small as fifteen microns.”

What do you think of the video? Is the #FirstWorldProblems meme all in good fun, or is it offensive to those living in poverty?


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  • thor42

    I don’t find it offensive at all.
    It’s simply putting trivial annoyances in the West into perspective.

  • Tristanb

    I hate it when I get $600 per week from the government, but can only afford to go out drinking 4 nights per week, because WINZ won’t pay my sister to babysit more than 20 hours/week.

    I hate it when my feelings get hurt, and I only get $10,000 from the Human Rights Commission when that other guy got $17,000.

    I hate it how National won’t pay me a living wage on the dole, so I can only afford an iPhone 4.

    I hate how so many children in NZ are in poverty – the parents should be allowed enough to have smokes, drugs, SkyTV, petrol bills, why should they have to feed their kids with that money?

  • guest

    I hate it when charities list themselves as charities but only give five cents out of every three dollars raised to charity.

    • david W

      Who / what org. does this ?

  • Jman

    So according to this ad the only problems that people living in the First World suffer from are inconveniences related to their cellphone and internet?