Foodstuffs just doesn’t learn

via the tipline

In September Foodstuffs took a walloping in the media and on this?blog?for trying to exert a tax on its New Zealand suppliers.

Looks like they just don?t listen, and information into the tipline is demonstrating that the boss is?talking shite when waffling on about ethics and integrity being at the heart of their business.

This afternoon, Foodstuffs sent out the following email to their New Zealand suppliers.

Foodstuffs Letter to Suppliers

From the grammatical errors in the letter from Foodstuffs, it makes me wonder what sort of communications training they have for their management. I mean seriously, is that the best letter to be sending out to suppliers?

Foodstuffs – Trading Terms Letter to Participating Suppliers

Looks like Foodstuffs says one thing and then does exactly the opposite.