Fran’s Still Leaking

Oh look a leaked survey about how unhappy GCSB spies are.  What a surprise.

Who has left the GCSB?


When will Fran Mold tender her resignation from David Shearer’s office?

The documents, leaked to The Dominion Post, show restructuring, moving premises and issues over pay have left staff “feeling less engaged with GCSB”. The move to a new Wellington building was “poorly organised – and created more tension than solved”, staff said.

This comment was frightening

One comment, highlighted by the survey’s authors, said: “We have many long-serving employees. Quite often people are promoted due to length of service rather than competence . . . also, if you have a good relationship with a senior manager and are therefore known to them your chance of being promoted is greater.”

Really?  Of course this never has happened in the public sector.


At least this survey appears to be real, unlike the tape that is yet to be produced.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    “Quite often people are promoted due to length of service rather than competence”
    Wasn’t this the reason the the MWU caused industrial action and sabotage to AFFCO because they wanted their union members who had previous “seasonal contracts” to be hired, promoted and given seniority over ability & attitude?
    No wonder our Public Service with the largest parasitic union attached stymies productivity and progress within the public service. They seem to think time-served is an entitlement to career progression rather than ability and attitude….
    and Ladies and Gentleman… that’s why our public service is filled with institutionalised, cardigan wearers, just waiting out retirement and pensions, clipping the ticket, doing the 9- 5 waiting and waiting… No wonder the public service is anything but…

    • Neil

      You’re right BIT – we used to say – way way back – people are usually promoted to their level of incompetence. Seems recently because so many resign or get made redundant they’re now going beyond that……But then it must be a while since you were in Wellington – they don’t wear cardies anymore…

  • Teletubby

    The entire public service functions on promotion through tenure or cronyism. It its the biggest fault with the whole set up. I know many average quality public servants on massive 6 figure salaries solely due to “time in.”

    And as for the GSCB- it’s a spy agency FFS, if they can’t plug the leaks to the media by the end of today then it may as well be closed down, a leaky spy agency is no use to anyone and a complete and utter waste of our taxes.

  • Lofty

    I have to say that the thought of Fran still leaking, leaves me somewhat squeamish.