Gareth Morgan calls Federated Farmers “retards”

If it is insulting to bag gingers then surely calling Federated Farmers “retards” is worse. Yet that is exactly what Gareth Morgan has done…several times.

It is ok call call them “Federated F*ckwits” and “bludgers” when they do fuckw*t things or bludge, but calling them “retards” is outrageous.

On the way through he also used Federated Farmers logo without permission with these words underneath it, “Federated Farmers – environmental retards?”.  He has since edited that out after getting reminded he had not asked for permission but has left his offensive words highlighted in a text box (pictured right).  

But he also carries on in the body of the post.

What isn’t acceptable however is that a national farming lobby group becomes chief apologist for such a retarded attitude”

“Progressive farmers should form their own lobby group, there’s few benefits being tarred with the brush of environmental retards.”

To see what a poor farmer (according to Gareth) Bruce Wills is, Country Calendar visited his farm mid-year –  where they describe him as a “greenie”.

The cause for Mr Morgan’s anger though, is Federated Farmers exercising their legal right to appeal to the High Court (with HortNZ), about the Environment Court’s decision on Horizon’s One Plan.  The Manawatu river is central.  Labeled as “among the worst in the western world” by the Dominion Post in 2009 and described by Judge Thompson as effectively being in a death spiral in his recent decision, was this week judged by the Ministry for the Environment as being generally safe for swimming (a ‘fair’ rating overall).

Once again Gareth Morgan isn’t in full command of the facts and abusive using people with intellectual disabilities as an insult to farmers. That is shameless and outrageous.


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  • cows4me

    Fuck Morgan, AGW fruitcake. Of course anyone challenging these environmental zealots is instantly labeled the spawn of Satan. Everything Horizon does should be challenged to the utmost, these people would happily shut down farming completely by stealing every cent earned by those that work the land.

    • blazer

      have you had your Protexin this morning,you silly old moo.

  • toby_toby

    The thing with words is they can have more than one meaning.

    re·tardverb (used with object) 1. to make slow; delay the development or progress of (an action, process, etc.); hinder or impede.
    In that sense, his usage of the word is correct. Of course, it can also be used as a pejorative. Do we know for certain that is what he intended?

    • Mediaan

      Wrong. He has used the word as a noun. Not a verb.

      • toby_toby

        Really? How did you arrive at that distinction?

        • Kimbo

          toby_toby, if you can’t distinguish
          between a verb and a noun (and the introduction of “retard” along with
          the preceding qualifying adjective “environmental”, rather than the
          adverb “environmentally”, along with the introductory genitive “brush
          of” to be completed by a nominal phrase both denote Morgan is using
          “retard” as a noun, not a verb), then you are wasting your time asking, “Do we know for certain that is what he intended?”.

          you lack basic grammatical skills, then I fear, no, no one can answer
          that question for you satisfactorally. However, that is your problem,
          not theirs.

          Yes, words can have more than one meaning (are you
          paraphrasing ‘Stairway to heaven’?!), but grammatical context delimits
          the syntactical range. Unless you are a leftist post-modern semantic
          anarchist, and avoid sensible debate by changing meanings/shifting goal
          posts when they no longer suit.

          Trust that answers your question, “How did you arrive at that distinction?”

          Just saying…

          • toby_toby

            I think you and mediaan are so used to it being used as a noun that you can only ever perceive it that way. When retard is used as a noun it is not always intended as a pejorative.

            3. a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance, as in a machine.

          • Kimbo

            toby_toby, what are you talking about?!

            Yes, I am well able to perceive “retard” being used as a verb, e.g.,

            “toby_toby sought to retard (verb, infinitive) the perception of his/her interlocuters by obfuscating the clear meaning of Gareth Morgan’s pejorative”.


            “Do not retard (2nd person imperative with negation) the clear intent and meaning of Gareth Morgan’s pejorative.


            toby_toby retarded (3rd person singular indicative past simple active) the discussion regarding Gareth Morgan’s pejorative.


            toby_toby might retard (3rd person subjunctive active) the discussion regarding Gareth Morgan’s pejorative if given half a chance by those who are as grammatically ignorant as s/he is.

            Plus there are other clues in the surrounding context that confirm the pejorative intent of the noun (not verb!) “retard”, which stand out like dog’s balls to all but the grammatically incompetent, e.g.,

            “tarred with…”

            “ignorant rump”.

          • toby_toby

            If you say so. I didn’t bother reading the whole thing. I’m not grammatically ignorant, but Morgan may well be. What I’m saying is that he may be attempting to use the word in a non-derogatory way but his grammar skills are failing. You could give the man the benefit of the doubt and accept this as the case, but it seems some people just love to be outraged and will let their own bias cloud their judgement.

            I’m just the messenger.

          • Kimbo

            “What I’m saying is that he may be attempting to use the word in a non-derogatory way but his grammar skills are failing… some people just love to be outraged and will let their own bias cloud their judgement.”.

            No you are not just the messenger. You are Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty insisting, “A word means what I want it to mean, nothing more, nothing less”.

            I’m not outraged concerning Morgan in general, nor over this particular statement, indeed I don’t really have an opinion. However, one thing that has always struck me about him is that he has the confidence and skills to say what he means, and mean what he says. I’d suggest that is the best principle to apply to the communication of politicians, propagandists, and commentators, rather than the willful post-modern quest you are determined to apply to Morgan, along with the presumption you can discern his hitherto hidden psychological intent, which reveal your own biases.

          • toby_toby

            I’ve actually stated quite clearly that I cannot discern his “hitherto hidden psychological intent”. I said that in my first post and that’s the whole point of my argument. Now that you’re claiming I can know Morgan’s intent despite my stating the contrary, you’re simply being intellectually dishonest.

          • Kimbo

            “You’re simply being intellectually dishonest.”

            No, you are unable to logically draw out the implications of your own statements: –

            “he may be attempting to use the word in a non-derogatory way but his grammar skills are failing”.

            Indeed, he may. And he may also be a Chinese spy, a unicorn in disguise, or made of pineapple. However, as there is no evidence for any of those things, just as there is no evidence, based on context, that he intended “retard” as anything other than a pejorative (noun, not verb!), then you are left pitching your own psychological state onto Morgan, and speculating.

            And you didn’t just muse your speculation – you repeatedly defended it in contradiction to the principles of good grammar (“Really? How did you arrive at that distinction?”, “I think you and mediaan are so used to it being used as a noun that you can only ever perceive it that way”), obfuscated when the context clearly showed otherwise

          • toby_toby

            Asking someone how they arrived at something is not a defense. It’s a question, pure and simple.

            It’s funny how you accuse me of claiming to know Morgan’s intentions (when I stated otherwise) but you believe you can know my intentions. You don’t.

            Now that you’ve made this argument ad hominem, I’m can happily say that not only are you intellectually dishonest, you’re also a pompous twat.

          • Kimbo

            “Asking someone how they arrived at something is not a defense. It’s a question, pure and simple.”

            indeed, it is, or at least on its own, without a context it is. It is what happened next that . You got your answer, and then chose to ignore it.

            No, you do not know Morgan’s intentions. However, as you have chosen to continually speculate on them, when 1. you have no evidence Morgan’s intentions are contray to his expression, 2. your speculations are contrary to the available evidence, which has been clarified for you when you asked for it, and 3. your posts are a continued obfuscation to distract from 1. and 2. I just listed, then I conclude you are intellectually dishonest.

            The fact you threw that accusation into the mix first, along with the claim that it is others whose biases are in the play shows you have no reason to squeal like a stuck pig about “ad hominem” attacks.

    • BJ

      You are right – depending on ones attitude it can be taken as a verb or noun – though I’m sure it was his intension to be ambiguous

  • Teletubby

    Why do the media give Morgan oxygen?
    Oh yeah, cos he’s wealthy, ignore the fact that most of that wealth came from riding on his son’s back, while said son rode on E Bays back, and suddenly he is a guru on all matters from the economy to social sciences, whom we must all pay obeisance to. Tosser!

    • Rat

      You have issues with him being rich ?

      • Teletubby

        Nope, I have issues with him assuming the right to comment on everything and everything. He has a doctorate in economics so he is qualified to talk about that but on anything else his opinion is no more newsworthy than anyone else’s so he should just STFU and the media shouldn’t be listening anyway

        • GregM

          Good point Teletubby. “He has a doctorate in economics so he is qualified to talk about that”. That doesn’t mean he’s any good at it.
          His Kiwisaver funds performance speaks volumes .
          Until someone in NZ “invents an I-phone” or comes up with a similar product or service that the whole world wants to buy, we will remain dependant on our farmers. Top blokes.

  • ChrisM

    If you read the actual report that said the Manawatu was the most polutted river (it was a very selective analysis) you will see the the Mohikinui, which F&B and others said was pristine and shouldn’t be dammed, you will see it was almost as dirty. Very selective reporting by those that can’t read past headlines

    • AnonWgtn

      With the largest pollution coming from the City of Palmerston North (and Massey University on its banks) – not the farmers

      • cricklewood

        Typically its tested at the fitzherbet bridge…

  • LR

    When did Morgan last look in a mirror. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • AnonWgtn

    Morgan is middle class rich pillock, which he believes gives him the right to pontificate on all things.
    Wish his Kiwisaver portfolio which he sold to Kiwibank for $50m was profitable – he got out before being found out.

  • Dr Wang

    Like all fundies/Believers, Morgan is totally convinced that he knows it all and is always right – so if he wants to slur all farmers as “retards” he bloody well will.

    Mind you anyone who had to grow up with wingnut ears like that would have put up with crap from day one, so it’s to be expected that the little jerk has such a bitter hatred towards any group he feels superior to and lashes out at them whenever he feels he can get away with it.

    Edit: Gareth sat in front of us at open air/ear concert at the Dell down in Windy Wellywood a few years back, we had to shift our seats. It was like sitting behind Jumbo the elephant – we couldn’t see a bloody thing.

  • cricklewood

    Funnily enough while reading a listner at the dentists… I note that he promised a north korean farm co-op a large quantity of cheap highly volitile phosphate…. Gareth Morgan enviromental retard?

  • Dave

    Final of the Bledisoe tonight, the Wallabies have lost the series for 10 straight years now, a record for sure. Go the All Blacks!

  • Mediaan

    Somebody give Kimbo a medal.