Good news for Auckland

I know it is hard to come by these days with Len Brown raiding our wallets with never ending rates increases, blowing millions of silly bridges and a stupid rail loop, but there is some good news:

A tactical blunder by Mayor Len Brown has stopped the Maori Statutory Board from having a say on next year’s budget.

Councillors voted 11-10 yesterday for the budget to be discussed by the full council and not at the strategy and finance committee. Two board members, chairman David Taipari and John Tamihere, sit on the strategy and finance committee with full voting rights, but the board is not represented on the full council.

Councillor Christine Fletcher wanted the budget discussed by the full council with support from councillor George Wood, who expressed concern about involvement of unelected Maori.

Instead of taking his motion to refer the draft budget to the strategy and finance committee, Mr Brown invited Ms Fletcher to put an amendment to send it to the full council, confidently predicting it would be lost and the main motion would pass. Mr Brown declared the amendment was lost on a vote of voices, but when a division was called the vote was carried 11-10.

After the lunch break, Mr Brown tried to reverse the decision with an impassioned speech about the damage to the council’s relationship with the Maori Statutory Board, but failed to get the 75 per cent support required to do so. The vote was 13-6.

Mr Taipari said Super City legislation allowed the board to participate in the budget. The matter would be discussed at its meeting on November 5.


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  • JeffDaRef

    Putting aside the subject matter – what group of muppets do we have running this city who can vote on something 11-10, then in the space of a lunch break change their mind to 6-13???

    No wonder Auckland continues to go around in circles – while we all pick up the tab.

  • MarkF

    Even more interesting we had 21 Councillors pre lunch and only 19 after. 10 more lunches and there will be no more Councillors….

    • Patrickm

      two were delayed in the whorehouses on K Road

  • mabel.gruntfuttock

    Methinks the worm might be starting to turn….. Yay!

  • Alloytoo

    What about the Maori Statutory Board’s relationship with the voters…..oh wait there isn’t any.

  • Allan

    The Maori Board should be got rid of completely. It is a waste of the Ratepayers money and a totally undemocratic institution. It has no place in the governance of the Auckland region.

    • Alloytoo

      Here’s a thought, lets gauge the support of the Maori Statutory Board by inviting all those who claim Maori heritage to support it’s existence financially.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt.

  • thor42

    “Maori Statutory Board”, my arse.
    More like “Maori BLUDGERS Board.”

    If Len had any balls, he’d scrap the damned thing.

    Fat chance.

    • le sphincter

      ALas my deluded friend, the MSB is written in law by Rodney Hide and cant be scrapped by any one. But then again National doesnt believe in democracy anyway

      • Long time no comment…where ya been poohole?

    • Patrickm

      Maori Stationary Board – nothing moves without their say so, & obviously appropriate recompense.

  • Johnny T

    The rail link (loop as you call it) is a transformative project and on that count Len is right and you are wrong Cam. It will be built my tubby friend, mark my words.

    • Dave

      It might be very very well built my ignorant little friend. BUT, mark my words little man, Aucklanders do not want or need Lens train set.

      Think of it this way, a white elephant might be well built, but it will remain a white elephant.

      PS: Aucklanders love trains, remember the RWC, Auckland is not Sydney, London or other cities with successful train sets, which the public use REGULARLY.

  • Dave

    Oh, just a thought, Scrapping the Maori Statutory Board and their perks, would save Aucklanders millions, might be used for roading improvments so Lens train set is redundant.

  • John Tamihere sucking Len’s cock? Yeah, he knows his place, as long as he’s paid the backhander.