Greenpeace supports Gangnam Style Haka

This must be an effort to piss off Shane Jones even more than they’ve done with their attack on Sealord.

Their Sinn Fein Green Party mouthpiece Little boy Gareth Hughes clearly welcomes a Gangnam styled haka should his Member’s Bill get the go-ahead.

Remember Hughes says “parody and satire play an important role in making light of an issue members of the public may feel strongly about”.

I can just see the All Blacks and Iwi around the country just tickled pink when the see the Haka being mocked.

But that’s all right to Little boy Gareth Hughes and his Greenpeace backers.


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  • “parody and satire play an important role in making light of an issue members of the public may feel strongly about”

    Hughes, like most on the left, depends almost entirely on propaganda. On putting out a false picture of reality and fooling the public into thinking that picture is the truth.

    He is traveling the countryside with a campaign of lies designed to create public opposition to fraccing, which is a big part of the Watermelon’s fanatical global mission to stop the use of oil

    Hughes is white anting our economy and our standard of living with lies and scare mongering and deceit. At the worst possible time.

    A disgusting, selfish, ignorant and dishonest little man. No good will come to NZ while such charlatans as Hughes are walking the corridors of power in Wellington.

    We absolutely have to get these manipulators and frauds posing as “environmentalists” out of our lives.

    • greg

      Couldn’t have put it any better. Piss Off Hughes.

    • Patrick

      Well said Sir, when will people “get” the Green movement. Stacked full of commies who are anti capitalism, anti growth anti every frikken thing except distributing your hard earned money amoungst themselves. They wail about the environment but that is just a trojan horse, these people are the devils spawn & would be better off living in their utopia in North Korea or Cuba.

  • SJ00

    Classic, how funny would be to see the ABs doing their haka, and then Australia on the other side challenge with a round of gangnam horses! That would be good tv!

  • Grandstream

    Following dr Norman’s fantasyland QE proposal on Q&A this morning this is not so far fetched……the greens are just nuts.

  • Grizz30

    A totally pointless issue to waste time on. Will it make people’s lives better? No.