Has the funding dried up?

The unions are bleeding cash out their proverbial and I wonder if the money has dried up for Labour. It may explain this volte-face from Labour.

Labour is withdrawing its bid to have unions exempt from a proposed registrar of lobbyists.

Green MP Holly Walker’s Lobbying Disclosure Bill would require those who lobby government to be registered and disclose who they meet with and why.

Labour had proposed that unions, some of the party’s biggest backers, should be exempt although the unions themselves had not asked for that.

Labour MP Ruth Dyson said today that part of the party’s amendment had been withdrawn.

Public Service Association national secretary Brenda Pilott said although her organisation did not support the bill proceeding in its current form it did not expect to be exempt.

The withdrawal by Labour was a good decision, she said.

I note that Ruth Dyson announced this when previously if was Charlie Shovel pushing the union barrow. Perhaps his rogering at the hands of the Law Society forced him to pull stumps.

Clearly all is not well inside the Labour caucus.