Hekia’s Long Jump Liquifaction

Chippie is going to be itching to get back into the house for question time. Queen Hekia is going to have to answer a lot of difficult questions.

In another case a sand long-jump pit at Burwood School was mistaken for liquefaction, while some schools say buildings not owned by the ministry are being included in their assessments.

Last time didn’t go to well for Queen Hekia, and Chippie has shown that talking about imaginary planets is nowhere near as effective as just asking a series of straight questions about whether a minister is in control of their portfolio.


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  • Engineer

    Sounds like there should soon be plenty of
    job openings at the Ministry of Education as there seem to be a lot of incompetent
    morons there. Can’t blame all of this on Hekia, even if she is useless.

    • Hard1

      And how many of these useless bureaucrats were appointed under Labour ?
      The minister gives the instructions under guidance , expects her staff to be at least competent , and then gets all the flak when the implementation goes awry .
      A good opportunity for a reshuffle at the ministry has presented itself

  • AnonWgtn

    The incompetent morons at the Ministry of Education cannot be so, as they are nearly all ex Teachers, and you know they are always right.

  • johnbronkhorst

    I don’t care what chippie says…this is all just political game playing…The facts are, some schools are damaged, some don’t have enough pupils……it is just COMMON SENCE to rationalize the assets both material and teachers. Some keep saying “it shouldn’t be about the money”….BULLSHIT….it’s only not about the money…..when it’s not YOUR money.

  • jay cee

    give her a break. we all know like tolley before her she is just nationals sacrificial lamb in a no win portfolio.

  • grumpy

    There is always the possibility that Hekia is being set up by the ex-teachers employed in the Ministry. If so, I think she would be pretty capable at weeding out.

    • Magor

      Let’s hope you are right..!!

    • Teachersrock

      No. Hekia is a shrill, clueless woman who is wayyy out of her depth.

      And truth be known the people in the MoE have either not been in a classroom for A LONGGGGG time, or have never been in a class. One of the biggest issues with the MoE is that there are too many working in it who have no idea how kids learn or what they need.

      • Sideshow Bob

        Goodness me.

  • Magor

    Watched the CEO of education on Campbell the other evening – he tried to imply the horrendous inaccuracies put out by MOD in and around buildings or repairs to buildings – she attempted to (however always talked over by Campbell) answer and it would have you accept that only 3 out of 200 something schools was incorrect – so what is the real answer and truth around this – National as a PR machine are not doing to well – Campbell definitely blustered all over her and in essence in his normal bully boy (aka Ken Ring) manner did not allow her to get a clear point across…, mmhhh food for thought here people!!

    • BW_Lord

      Yeah thought she did a reasonable job (of not punching the prick in the face). Once again the media blows everything out of proportion, considering that one of the inaccuracies was a difference of ‘definition’ – 2 buildings with an added covered walkway between became 3 buildings.

      • Andrewo

        That debate was like the blind leading the blind. It’s not so much a case of which buildings are damaged and which not, but a) which are damaged or not b) which can or can’t be modified to comply with the new code c) Which are on liquefaction ground or not d) and lastly which are in the right or wrong place for the new distrubution of pupils in chch as whole suburbs are abandoned. It’s a lot more complicated that JC can possibly imagine with his tiny little mind.

    • Sideshow Bob

      I no longer watch Campbell Live because he doesn’t tell me anything he hasn’t already told me at least 5 or 6 times already.

  • Patrick

    Looks like Hekia is being stitched up by her officials, she needs to be quicker on her feet if she is going to survive.
    She needs to prove these officials have been incompetent or malicious & sack them.

  • Sideshow Bob

    Hekia gets a lot of bad press. They report her as being a poor speaker but every time Is I see her on TV she makes a lot of sense and is very impressive. What gives? Is common sense no longer an attribute? This blog more and more resembles an extreme left wing outlet for the disaffected.