Helping Labour Help Themselves, Ctd

There is a little battle going on within Labour for the Women’s Vice President. I thought I would help Labour members who may not have been sent their profiles.

The candidates for women’s VP are:
  • Gina Giordani (bio)
  • Sophie Rapson (bio)
  • Ruth Chapman (bio)

Gina is the Cunliffe candidate. If she gets any measurable support at all, it will mean the party membership want a putsch.

“I stand for 3 things: Unionism, Socialism and Feminism.”

Gracious me. Just what the voters are crying out for. She goes on…

“I am a competent woman.”

Hmm, can’t decide if that is sexist allegation that the quality of competence is rare in a woman, or if there is a troubling and undisclosed reason she needs to reassure us of her competence.


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  • Exclamation Mark

    “I stand for 3 things: Unionism, Socialism and Feminism.”

    She must have forgotten veganism… I bet she is just a gas at parties.

    • thor42

      She also forgot Treatyism. I’d bet my life that she supports that.

    • tarkwin

      When I finally stopped laughing I had alook at her picture – I don’t mind a drink and I’ve been known to drop my standards after a few but that put me right off.

  • Allyson

    They’re all rubbish! Maybe Labs should leave it for a year and see if any good candidates come up by then.

  • Jester

    Why isnt Robertson standing?

    • Troy

      I’d have thought that Chaaaaarles Chauval would’ve put his name forward – maybe he doesn’t really want a bitch fight with the gals.

  • Sarrs

    This nonsense annoys me…why do women need their own special committee? It’s basically admitting that they aren’t as good as men. Compare your success against the world in general, not just a small selection of people you choose.

    I personally think it’s all a desire for validation. I get my validation by being good at my job, I don’t need a committee or a parade for that.

  • Gazzaw

    Gina looks too much like Helen Kelly Jr.

  • anonymouse

    I just loved the “no one can take away from us that night of celebrations we had we we thought we had beaten Paula Bennett”-

    Isn’t there something in politics you are supposed to learn about chickens and hatching

    • axeman

      Yeah what a joke that was Carmel Sepuloni isn’t known as Septic Tank for no reason:Speaking soon after being told of her tight
      triumph, Sepuloni said the result was a clear message of
      discontent at Bennett and the hard-line welfare policies
      she is pushing.
      ”I don’t think Paula Bennett has been good for
      Waitakere,” she said.
      .”At the end of the day, the voters have spoken. And
      despite the fact it is close, it just goes to show that
      there are 11 more people that think she wasn’t [good].

  • jabba

    my choice is .. Gina Girodani, please

  • Richard

    I see that Ruth Chapman wants to make sure that Labour will be relevant in 2104!!! She is going to be in it for the long haul obviously.

  • RightOfGenghis

    And lest we not forget New Dealism — If you have 2 cows, you shoot one, milk the other one; then pour the milk down the drain

  • Pissedoffyouth

    LOL Sophie has this on her page:

    “ensure women’s issues become everyone’s issues”

    Fuck me, aren’t all issues women have end up being everyone in earshots issue anyway?

  • Akldnut

    Ha you should be looking closer at the liars who are steering the boat right now and offering them some advice, the damn boats sinking and all you can do is look at the passegers and not critique how captain long nose’s running the ship.

    • axeman

      Yeah well the only boat sinking is your collective joke aka the SUB-standard akldcnut. You know where all the leftard sock puppets are flinging mud in
      every direction, but the shit is only sticking to your own team.

    • davcav

      Wasn’t Helen going to be the last person off MV Labour…took to the lifeboats faster than the captain of the Costa Concordia.

  • Michael Savage

    Gee Cameron if you are trying to scare Labour members off Gina I know who I am going to be voting for.

    • pukakidon

      I dont think you can vote for yourself can you?

    • axeman

      Gee gweg pwesland … you still are a snivelling cunt

  • Johnboy

    Wasn’t Gina a walk on extra in episode 15 of the Sopranos?