Herald Calls Shearer FAIL

David Shearer cannot even fling muck properly.  The Herald editorial suggests leaving it to those “who are more naturally tenacious than he is”. Trevor Mallard.

He would be well advised to leave this sort of work to others in his team who are more naturally tenacious than he is. Leaders have to be true to themselves to command the respect of others.

I disagree with this.  Leaders need to command themselves before others can respect them.  Shearer has blown this.

Labour needs him to make a public impact. He has tried the high road, getting out around the country to talk about real issues, but that made little impression on the polls. Now he is resorting to parliamentary point-scoring, which seldom moves the public but can lift his MPs’ morale if done well.

Shearer went on the road and made up a story about a man on the roof and now he has made another up about a tape that does not exist.

 Mr Shearer looked best last week at centre stage in an economic policy “summit” with fellow Opposition party leaders flanking him. Unfortunately for him, that effort was overwhelmed by the missing GCSB recording. If he has to fight on this level, he will not win.

Looked best?  A very low standard as no one remembers the poorly attended Friday meeting already.  Russel Norman is outflanking him as Opposition leader and Shearer wasted Friday deflecting the simple fact he was set up by Fran Mold, some pillow talk and Grant Robertson.


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  • Gazzaw

    Did anyone bother to read the overwhelmingly anti-John Key correspondence that followed the editorial? By & large ignorant, ill informed garbage. Does labour have a rent-a-mob on standby to blitz ‘letters to the editor’ in the media?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Yes, Herald seems to be publishing only anti John Key responses.

    • Neil

      Not needed – some of the rest of us are getting heartily sick of the constant balls ups lately too….

      • BJ

        Errors are nothing new and unless it is done with mailcious intent they aren’t that big a deal – just made into one by the frenzied mob and drama queens. Anyone that expects computerised systems to eliminate human error are naive and without telltale’s and nosey bastards we could all get on with our daily lives without living in fear of ……… cos its not reality – its just a story

  • Bea

    We should all pin up Friday’s photo to keep reminding us of the possible horrors ahead.

  • jabba

    can’t wait for Q time today .. how many questions from the opposition parties will be about things that matter .. and Dotcom is not one of them

    • Neil

      Agree – but the constant failings of the public sector in carrying out their statutory duty and not breaking the law is….

  • Neil

    Sorry Cameron but the phrase “Labour needs him ………getting out around the country to talk about real issues, but that made little impression on the polls.”

    Should read had little impact on the MSM…which strangely posters here say are all left wing trolls.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I think Sheep. Muesli and Winnie the Poo will make a great combination that will wreck this country beyond repair. The socialists and the communists and the left wing media will then be exposed to the stupid Kiwis who may be thinking Greens are the saviours will then once and for all abandon the toxic trio. So we may have to endure hell for three years unless Emperor realises he has no clothes on and gets his act together. May be he is too bored in his job now.

  • Patrick

    overwhelmed by the missing GCSB recording

    How can the recording be missing? it never existed in the first place.

    All this incident shows is that Shearer is quite comforable making stuff up & lying to the NZ public, it comes naturally to him.
    How could then man be considered trustorthy enough to be the Prime Minister? He has no, zero, zilch credibility.